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CUSTOMCASE website for the original and stylish target audience!
Welcome to the designers’ world of Phones and Tabs! To get to the fashion show, just go through this link Online performance and behind the scenes environment were created by Gyrus Solutions team and is available for all the comers. Nowadays it’s a hard nut crack to dress up our inseparable pals, but happily CUSTOMCASE website has fixed that issue at the current time. The models of this show, phones and tabs, demonstrate the covers for every taste. The catalog of various cases is already active for the customers’ view. Moreover you may create your own design right here with a help of a special constructor and then get the chosen or you own done case via the online shop and delivery services. The customers are also informed of the order status by email.

Gyrus Solutions developers have created a very user-friendly environment for the creative owners of phones and tabs. The customers will be able to feel themselves as real designers in these conditions and bring the main idea into reality quickly and efficiently for sure.

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Our team in conjunction with the world leader in the manufacture of products for health and beauty, Forever Living Products, is happy to introduce the new official corporate site in Ukraine! This information resource is mostly dedicated to the healthy way of living and business cooperation. High quality of performed work and professionalism of the Gyrus Solutions team assist FLP in bright revealing the site idea.

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Just released YAAB v1.8. Smooth brightness is the only new feature.

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We got reviewed by XDA portal. +500 installs in one hour, impressive result.

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Some more details about our auto brightness app and about this class of apps in general and about why are all of them not really good.

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It is fun, after a week in open source we've got solution for the main problem of this application. And afterwards we were able to publish it to the Play store without any concerns.

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The next application to share.

It may be interesting for HTC Desire owners who want to prolong battery life of their devices and are not afraid of introduces by the application bugs.

Current version of the code and APK were calibrated and tested mostly on one single A8181 device and will work on those well enough.

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Recently we decided to share with the world our internal tools and utilities which are not protected by any copyrights or NDAs and can be useful for wide community.
This is the first one: MS SQL DB Schema Updater.
Initially the tool was designed in order to solve a big problem: how to update few hunreds of database instances? Advanced level: some of these instances may have local shema modifications. More advanced level: neither we nor the real database owner may not remember what exactly has been modified and where?
Well, it works :)

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К вопросу о пользе обновлений

PHP радует.
Совокупность дырок в самом php и phpbb в итоге дала возможность каким-то ботам, гуляющим по сети, писать удаленно прямо в базу форума. Даже без регистрации. Часть контента безнадежно запорота, т.к. боты перетирали существующий сообщения из старых тем, размещали на них порноссылки.
Гугл обиделся и отключил adsense, признав форум порносайтом.

В итоге почти два человеко-дня потрачено на попытку ухода с phpbb на что-то менее распространенное и дырявое, вполне безуспешно. А потом еще день на апдейт до свежей версии phpbb и накатывание всех твиков с прошлой версии.
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