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Sarah Gray
Fiction writer, editor, and purveyor of useless information
Fiction writer, editor, and purveyor of useless information

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Podcast-A-Palooza (Part 2)
I'm back with more of my favorite podcasts, even though I'm feeling a touch bitter about the iPhone podcast app redesign.  Seriously, it's enough to make to me look for a new podcast catcher.  It went from being easy (both to see  and navigate -- my eyes ar...

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Podcast-A-Palooka (Part 1)
There's been less writing this week because, well, life.  On the upside, my house is relatively clean, and the laundry is mostly done.  We're still one-car-ing it, but that just means more time for podcasts! If you didn't know already, I'm obsessed with pod...

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Another Absolutely Uninteresting Update, or I Avoided Ranting Again! (Mostly.)
Yesterday, I skipped the writing in favor of attacking a rapidly growing of errands and lunch with my husband (something that doesn't happen very often...lunch with my husband, I mean.)  We had our usuals at our favorite downtown lunch place, Luna Rosa .  I...

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Reading, Writing, and Ralph Ellison
It's Day 3, and I'm working from home today.  Yesterday was easier than Friday, and fingers crossed that today will continue on in that direction.  My story-in-progress is, in fact, progressing, and I've been managing a minimum of two hours of solid, non-st...

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Read Less, Write More (a Mid-Year Resolution)
Day Two of my new summer writing regimen, and I'm back in the B&N cafe with a London Fog and my laptop.  While I certainly don't plan to work from here every day this summer, I find that when I'm trying to reboot my discipline, knowing I can go somewhere I ...

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I'm Back (and Grumpier Than Ever.)
It has become clear that I am incapable of maintaining my blog through a semester of teaching.  Between the hectic schedule (we're temporarily a one-car family, which is INSANE), the teaching, the grading, the parenting, the regular life stuff, and ever-pre...

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Diverse Discussions, or How I Fumble Through Faulkner
Class has officially started. I'm one week into classes, and so far, so good.  The first day was disastrous (there was rain, copier issues, no parking, and a sopping wet ballet flat involved), but I recovered.  And yesterday, I got to give my first quiz, an...

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That's My Girl
Class starts Wednesday, and I have a mountain of lesson prep to do (not sped along by the hour and a half  I spent on the phone with Mom this morning, something we almost never do), so this will be a short entry.  Just wanted to share a quick Kiddo anecdote...

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Pop Quiz, Hotshot!
Oh the joys of planning lessons (read: choosing stories and poems) for a literature survey course. My warm and cozy nook.  This was after I ate ALL THE COOKIES. First you sit down and figure out exactly how many class periods you will have for the semester....

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Snowpocalypse? Not so much.
When I got up this morning, there was a lovely blanket of white covering everything, making our ugly backyard beautiful, covering up the rusty wheelbarrow and the old charcoal grill that needs to go to the dump.  Even those stupid wild onions that pop up in...
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