Some of you have heard about this thing with two of the consultants on the latest D&D edition, and some have not.

+Zak Smith has issued a "challenge" to those of us calling out and criticizing his behavior:
Regardless of your opinions on the matter, this latest disgusting display is essentially holding charitable donations hostage just to stroke his own ego. That's fucked up for an internet slapfight over pretend elf games.

So, fuck that, and fuck him.
Talking shit is easier than doing it, and a true act of charity has no conditions attached.

each screenshot below is a donation made in good faith and with no strings attached rather than play Zak's deranged game.

EDIT: 11/8/2014
Some of you may have just been tagged to this thread, I invite you to see one of the the latest comments wherein there is a screenshot of Zak inciting his fan club to go out and "Destroy" and "get at him". Which flies completely in the face of all of his previous lies and the lies of his fans. Funny that.
In other great news, with no strings attached those horrible, horrible people over at the Something Awful forums have already raised over $600 for the Trevor Project. You can support this worthy charity yourself here:
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