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Reeanne Keena
I am passionate about mental health, animals, cricket, music and fishing. PLEASE NOTE, I DO NOT DO HANGOUTS.
I am passionate about mental health, animals, cricket, music and fishing. PLEASE NOTE, I DO NOT DO HANGOUTS.

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My hero!!!

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Australia spin way to massive victory.

#AusvInd #cricket

What an amazing 3 days, no one thought we could even win a game....

I am so happy also because SOK took 12 wickets!
A friend on twitter who is a cricket "guru" had said he would not do well... I disagreed and you beauty!

Commiserations to India.

Happy weekend everyone!
Well we wait with anticipation regarding what will unfold in the 3rd day of the test between India and Australia.

What are your thoughts?

At stumps India were 105, chasing the 260 that Australia had posted.

#AusvInd #cricket

A special day for Stu MacGill.

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A short video in memory of David Hookes.

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It is 12 years since the death of David Hookes.
This is a video to remember him.

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Okay everyone, we have a very special birthday coming up tomorrow!
+Stuart MacGill

(A couple of you had a sneak preview yesterday.)

Please help us celebrate his special day.

I have made a birthday video but only sharing it with our members today.
Have just published it to the public.

Please watch it, like it, comment etc but would appreciate you not sharing on social media until tomorrow, but then go for it!

If you are on twitter and would like to send him wishes,
Stu's handle is:

A little poem:
"I can not imagine how it felt to dream
Of one day receiving the prestigious Baggy Green

Your pride must have outweighed all the toil and the pain
To finally be presented with this honorable gain

My respect for you, will never diminish
So many wickets for us, right up til' the finish.

So thanks for the memories, the good and the bad
Which if you hadn't been born, we'd never have had."
(R Keena Feb 2017)

+Cricket Buff One +Dave Clough +Dennis Freedman +Margaret Ravel +Leon Kent +Asgar Sariya +Alet Rheeder +jake themuss +Betty Tuohey +joanne golden +Prasenjit Dey
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I so hope so for his sake.
Very disappointed when he didn't get a wicket the other night as Zampa dropped a catch but his bowling was great and he took 3 wickets.

#cricket #PatCummins

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This is for the Marsh brothers fans .... or other....

Got to be 2 of the most controversial players on social media!
They seem to get nearly as many mentions as Trump! LOL

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