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Let's chat hurricanes. What have you done to prepare in case Irene makes her visit to MA? 
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nothing..... I'm hoping it just doesn't show up.... although maybe it would be good because it would force me to stay in the library and FINISH MY GOD DAMNED DISSERTATION!!!
No plans except to be so hungover from kenny chesney that I sleep through it all :)
I bought bread to make PB and Js when the power goes out. And will pick up the survival wine this afternoon
We bought a few gallons of water, bread, and some batteries for all of our flashlights. Not sure what I should keep in my car for the cape trip this weekend.
I think car emergency supplies should be the following: food, water, blankets, flashlights?
A full tank of gas. And spare cash in case power is out and you can't use debit.
right right. my plan is to fill up tonight and put my car in the garage until after Irene is gone.
Lesson learned from living in the woods - when you have well water, you need electricity to power the pump that gets the water to your house. So if the power goes out... we're screwed.
get yourself some water to have on hand just in case!
Nothing. Not worried about it 
+Roy Ruhling it is better to be over prepared and have nothing happen than be under prepared and get hit with a major storm. Just sayin....
I'm preparing to mix up a batch of Hurricanes...but will also buy some water, fill up the gas tank (both car & grill) and otherwise worry about surviving my Spartan Race Heat on Saturday before surviving the hurricane on Sunday.
Also candles b/c you don't have to carry those like flashlights. Just fill some containers with water, ice for the cooler for the stuff that'll melt, and have a hurricane party! Buds, BBQ, and Beer. It's a Cat 2. There'll be wind, some trees will go down and there'll be lots of rain, maybe a little hail. Just remember that the eye will be nice and calm and then it'll get gross again so don't go far out of the house just because the weather seems to have cleared for a bit! I remember when one came through YEARS ago, I was little. Loved it because of all the rain and thunder and lightening. Was sad when it knocked over my favorite tree though.
Went to walmart and everyone believes the news for bread or water left!
Good thing we made that Walmart trip for bread and water on Wednesday!
Why buy water? Why not just fill up a bunch of empty jugs from the tap at home?
haha yeah i guess that would make sense
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