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Another image from last week's North Cascades trip. This is currently one of my favorites. On my first day of the trip I met up with +Michael Russell and spent the evening photographing with him in these meadows. I wasn't too happy with my results and on my last evening of the trip a few high clouds drifted in along with a wisp of smoke from nearby wildfires. This produced the light I was looking for and helped me come away with some of the best images of the trip.

This image was made from a single exposure utilizing a two stop GND filter and was processed using levels curves and some selective burning and dodging.

#mountainmonday  by +Michael Russell  
#plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek  
#landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography  #northcascades   #washingtonstate   #pacificnorthwest  
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I like this a lot Alan.  I am still processing my photos from that day, and while I have some I like, I think I'd have preferred these conditions over the crystal clear sky we had.  I will probably post one a bit later.   Thanks again for sharing your photography with #mountainmonday!
+Alan Majchrowicz There might be a few inches of snow around too - according to the forecast I read.  I could use a break in the weather locally this week but I'm not sure it will happen.
+Michael Russell Looks like it might be a brief window to run up to Maple Pass and get a few pics I missed the other week, I'm sure the larches are gone though. There was also some pretty nice colors along the road on the way down that may have benefitted from the recent rains
+Alan Majchrowicz : don't count on the larch being done. The photo I posted of Maple Pass and Lake Ann was taken a year ago today, and it was just after the first snow of the season.
+Greg Vaughn  They do vary from year to year, but given the strong storms that came in last weekend I felt they'd be done, at least the ones higher up and exposed. I'd love to go up and check though!
Great shooting!  I am very tempted to make a quick run back up there for the first snows...
+Benjamin Chase I'm thinking the same thing, today would've been a good day. They're predicting a chance of snow as low as Mazama this weekend, hmm....
+Alan Majchrowicz NOAA forecast looks very promising.  If it holds out until Friday, I'm going back to Wing/Lewis for a day or so.
You're a bit more optimistic about that forecast than I am, at least for an alpine location Like Wing Lake. Next weeks NOAA predictions look a little better
You could call it "cautiously optimistic". ;)
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