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Silicon Valley Meets Humboldt County
Silicon Valley Meets Humboldt County

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and time for a GLOBAL SELFIE says +NASA's Earth Observatory 

Whip out your smart phone and take a picture of yourself wherever you are on Earth. Then post it to social media using the hashtag ‪#‎GlobalSelfie‬.

"On this Earth Day, we wanted to create a different picture of our planet -- a crowd-sourced collection of snapshots of the people of Earth that we could use to create one unique mosaic of the Blue Marble."

#earthday   #globalselfie   #NASA   #bluemarble   #selfie  

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13 Stats To Know If You Are Pro Legalization --
A Few Highlights:

$98 million: The total tax revenue that Colorado could reap in the fiscal year that begins in July, according to a recent budget proposal from Gov. John Hickenlooper.

$40 million: The amount of marijuana tax revenue Colorado is devoting to public school construction.

$17.4 billion: The estimated total amount that marijuana prohibition costs state and federal governments every year, according to a 2010 study by Harvard University economist Jeffrey Miron.

$10.2 billion: The estimated amount the national legal marijuana market will be worth in five years, according to that an The ArcView Group report.

#Legalization   #numbersdontlie   #regulation  

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Do you know what is going on with +UpToke  and the New SPYRE Portable Vaporizer?

You Can Find Out Here -->

On our new website
Sign up for our newsletter, or check out our news feed.

#sophisticated   #SPYRE   #vaporizer   #UpToke   #news  

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"Able to be operated effortlessly thanks to the no-button activation system; convenience is the calling card of the Spyre Vaporizer" says

As we gear up for SPYRES to hit shelves near you soon, the +UpToke  team is getting excited to see the vaporizers in your hands and in action.                _Elevate Your Experience With Spyre_

Visit our Brand New Website!! -->

#UpToke   #SPYRE   #vaporizer   #bestof2014  

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Have you seen our NEW Website??!?

We are very excited to have our new and improved site up and running. Check it out --> _ _ <--

STAY INFORMED: Sign up for our Newsletter or check our Tumblr page below for press releases and other current news about the SPYRE hitting shelves near you soon!

#UpToke   #SPYRE   #vaporizer   #sneekpeek #newwebsitelaunch   

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Interesting take on why Facebook may leave you lonely and unfulfilled in the end compared to human interaction.

Visit with +UpToke team members in person in Boston this weekend! Lets have a conversation in real time and shake the Facebook blues.

#UpToke   #SPYRE   #Boston   #Connections   #EndFacebookBlues  

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+UpToke is headed to the East Coast!!

 Let us know if you are in the Boston area and want to meet up while we are in town.  We will be there through the weekend and would love to connect with you.

Our week of making connections and investment pitches will work up our appetite for amazing dinner and good conversation.. Join Us!

#Boston   #investment   #UpToke   #SPYRE   #connections  

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New Paper Microscope Could Save Countless Lives Across The Globe - Cheap and Nearly Indestructible!

It's amazing how 3D and specialized printing technology have opened us up to a world of wider possibilities! 

Allowing us to create working models, like +UpToke did for the first models of the SPYRE, as well as giving us the ability to innovate our own parts and put them in to action right away to test our designs.

#3dprinting   #innovation   #sustainability   #SPYRE  

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Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!! 

We have our green on and like the rest of you are gearing up for a night of celebration! 

UpToke is looking forward to completing the first round of SPYRE Portable Vaporizers soon and will be raising our glasses in ode to this long awaited moment.

What's In the Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow??!?

#stpatricksday   #green   #potofgold   #SPYRE   #UpToke   #vaporizer  

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Happy Pi Day Everyone !! Also Albert Einstein's Birthday !!

The very first Pi Day was celebrated here in San Francisco at the +Exploratorium in 1988 and became a National Holiday in 2009 to bring focus to science and math education.

You can go to The Exploratorium today to celebrate Pi with others from 1-3:30pm!!!
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