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Avid pant wearer.

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Matthew Potter commented on a post on Blogger.
First of all, I cut my cable a long time ago because I wasn’t watching these channels enough to pay that price for it. Let me buy individual channels… No sports for me, no Fox crap, no kid channels. Science channels, news channels and a couple networks.

Oh wait, I’m in Canada… yet another product where your friends in the north (who are larger adopters of tech) are ignored due to CTRC more than likely.

No YouTube Red for us and now not even a chance for YouTube TV even if I wanted to pay for things I would never watch.

Seriously though YouTube, I’m for this, but please think of a better way rather than simulating an existing business model. Channels that are set prices and allow us to do à la carte.

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My Helios Home Project is coming along nicely.

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Seriously @canadiantire, PLEASE stop doing this. Obtrusive popups are annoying & pointless.

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Side project is coming a long nicely.

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Yes. 100% yes. Great video +Adafruit Industries! 

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+Telestream Wirecast With the two previous negative posts, I thought I might add this:
I truly love you Wirecast, I do. You're a big part of other events I run, like for my green screen photo booth that I do at events like Maker Faire, the international book faire, NASA space apps, conferences and a few friends’ private parties (by ~9:30pm and with alcohol, the backgrounds can get… interesting… when you have the whole internet at your disposal).

Please fix the transitions so I can love you more.

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+Telestream Wirecast Another example of where cut should have been applied but instead, smooth was used and the shot scaled.

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+Telestream Wirecast, I was finally able to reproduce this. I have other examples as well that I can send.

Setting the transition to “cut” often does not properly change how the change occurs.

I’m currently looking at helping the Toronto Public Library with setting up classes to teach podcasting, chroma keying and live streaming with Wirecast. I can't really do that however if transitions are broken. This is the same on multiple platforms (Mac & PC) and has been happening for multiple versions. Take a look at most of the videos done for FITC and HTML Toronto over the last year and you'll see the problems with it:
- Videos that are scaling and cropping during transition
- Full screen video backgrounds fading in slightly before another shot taking over
- Shots moving from position to position
- Lower thirds that are not removed in timing with backgrounds…

I know there is a new version out but I can't afford to update without absolute confirmation that this problem has been fixed. I’m now relying on Wirecast for a lot of my work and events but need to know if this is corrected.
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