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How sad that I agree.

"The more articles I read on Corbyn, the more I lurch toward the conclusion, that these Labour MPs, backed by the editorial stance of this newspaper, are not afraid that Corbyn will lose an election, they are afraid that he will win it.

The prospect of an honest incorruptible Prime Minister has the establishment shitting themselves.

We have a Tory generated clusterfuck of biblical proportions and the establishment guns all point at Corbyn."

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Being a Boy Scout in your youth often helps later in life.

Case in point: this morning as I read the news and had a cuppa there came a thunk from my Tricolour Mendel. Peering bleary over my monitor I find the y rail holder has decided to give up the ghost after two + years of unswerving support.

Having given out my last pack of spares I was a bit stuck. Until I remembered I can do knots.

I have no idea what the basis of this knot is (a sheep shank?) but who cares - with a bit of lashing it's enough to get a new set of clips printed!

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Now also for those of you without a Cardboard.

Can't imagine I know anyone under that heading...
For how long can you outrun the boss!?

Play the new game in the Radial-G universe on the +Google Play Store NOW! Supports most +Android phones, even better in +Google Cardboard VR!

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Continuing with the cyclic theme, here we have another example of humanity doing the same again, this time with much more open mindedness.

Once we traversed the oceans with this kind of tech. Instead of the edge of the world being unknown, now it's the edge of the universe. 
A small research satellite to test technology for in-space solar propulsion launched into space today as part of our CubeSat Launch Initiative. The Planetary Society’s LightSail satellite is a technology demonstration for using solar propulsion on CubeSats. We're considering the use of solar sails on future exploration mission secondary payloads, and data from this mission will advance understanding of this form of propulsion. Details:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines...

Prepare yourself for the 22nd Century's finest racing challenge. Strap on your Cardboard and steer your way to glory with the latest release from Tammeka, the folk who brought you +Radial-G on the Oculus Rift.

Only you and your Cardboard can hold off the Drone that threatens to destroy the Radial-G world. Dodge the Drone army minions, catch the right speedups and lay enough mines to become the greatest Radial-G racer in history!!

Can you keep your wits about you long enough to unlock all three ships? Only you and your Cardboard can tell....

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Signal boost.

Not a very big signal boost, but hey, who knows? The world works in mysterious ways...
Job openings at Printrbot:

We are also open to a customer support tech that works from home.

We are growing fast- 3 years now and we have doubled every year. We are behind the curve slightly and need to shore up our response time.

Customer support is an art, as it is communication and often people are emotionally involved... It takes a soft touch and a steady hand. We also value a knack for trouble shooting and a methodical approach.

We would love to hear from you!

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+RepRapPro and +RS Components UK - two companies close to my heart - had a bit of a brainstorm at the #DSPowerHack   this week +Adrian Bowyer and his team competed against two others to create a domestic electric generator for the 3rd world. 

Quel surprise, the genius of Mr Bowyer & Co went and won.

Great going, peeps! 

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As discussed with +Patrick Ryan​ just the other day, these guys are the Walter White of the filament industry.

With less danger, one would imagine. Or at least hope.

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Just for +RepRapPro ... little beauties, you.
One printer expanded to just under a metre on the Z axis.

It's a bit wobbly, but nothing a couple of braces can't sort out - happily it's printing just as well as it always has, so I'll design them and bash them off after this filament holder bracket finishes.

Get me, eh? Oh, and of course, get +RepRapPro for making a machine that one can tit about with, and +Nils Hitze for pointing me in their direction.
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