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As of yesterday morning, we have a new and improved website that will feature daily content that you can check out HERE! Check it out and let us know what you think! :-)

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damsels in dis dress
once in a while, we like to play dress up. more specifically, we will be having a photo shoot inspired by our current issue theme during our spring break (a.k.a. next weekend) and in order to fulfill our dream of one making one of the coolest (and one of ou...

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4 . .3 . .2 . .
hola! apologies for not being here for weekly updates, the team and I have been consumed with the upcoming site, second issue, and other little goodies that will be revealed soon enough. The MAJOR event coming up in FOUR DAYS is the deadline for submissions...

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the Z-team
cause you know, we're on each other's team . . .   don't hate me . . .   Zine Club is looking to construct a team of boss artists, DIY'ers, writers, columnists, playlist-makers, photographers, and all other creative animals to feed our new, under-developmen...

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send help
happy no-school Monday (aka President's Day)! besides remembering the presidents in all their . . . glory , we also ask you to remember that you MUST MUST MUST send in a submission   and donate a couple bucks by next meeting (this Thursday) in order to have...

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america's not top model
CALLING ALL CHILD MODELS (that would be you): The Dirty Girls (Amber, Harper, Casey, and ally Susie) who somehow got lost and ended up at our Launch (jk) would like to do a post at their website,! To do so, they need everyone who came ...

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launch partay
can you say best night ever? in case you weren't there, the night consisted of candy hearts, short films, natalie neal, temporary tattoos, photos via me and, oh my god, a surprise appearance from THE DIRTY GIRLS!!! yeah. I know, we were internally screaming...

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Issue #1 now available!
Issue #1: In Another World is now available at ! Shoutout to Marahya Navas for being our first-ever order! The zines will also be sold at next week's meeting and at the Launch Party (next Saturday!)

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ideal body types through history
on a non-zine note, I found this quite interesting as I scrolled through Nylon on this post-school Wednesday. a spot on and interesting (to say the least) insight on how the "style" of women has transformed. compared to other eras, how does a look at the st...

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the pretty committee
okay, for any of you who have read The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison (aka MY TWEENHOOD), this one's for you. we are forming a Launch Party Committee for anyone interested in a) being cool b) making party playlists c) decorating d) being nice e) arranging a...
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