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Portal Magazine
The UK's only monthly magazine dedicated to Miniature Painting, Free to download 16th of each month.
The UK's only monthly magazine dedicated to Miniature Painting, Free to download 16th of each month.

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Should Games Workshop scrap Finecast?

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Want to win this lovely Cinderella from Kabuki Models Simply G+ and Share this and Like the Portal Google+ Page. on the 14th June we will then pick a winner. We are also offering a chance to win their Cleopatra on the Wamp page so feel free to pop over and enter that too!

Whats the best painted mini you've ever seen?

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Fancy Winning a Mega Paint Set from Army Painter? Simply share or like this status or our Facebook page. We will pick a winner at random to receive the set. the more pages you share and like the more chance you have of winning! All our social media pages are eligible.
Our pages include Wamp, Portal Magazine, Mini Painting Wiki and The Wampstore

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The new look Portal is here!

We have had a complete re-design and we have some new features for you.

Issue 30 features:

Guide To Contrast Tutorial
Kabuki,Reaper and Studio 38 Reviews
The Wamp Awards 2012 Results
Army Painter give-away
Studio McVey Contest Details
Red Box Games winners
News,new releases,and gallery
Mini Radar and Socialise
Romance inspired minis
Random Musings
Interview with Alex Huntley from Warploque Miniatures

As always Portal is COMPLETELY FREE to download for everyone

Download your free copy here:


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A great excuse to paint up some stunning McVey creations and maybe even bag yet more McVey minis!

Portal Magazine has just passed over 100,000 downloads! Over its 2 1/2 year history we have put out 29 issues and two specials and each month the numbers go up.

An average of 3460 downloads per month.
Thats 115 per day.
Or every 12 minutes someone downloads a copy!

Thank you so much for your continued support for the No 1 Free magazine dedicated to Miniature Painting.

Not long until the next issue!

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It has come to my attention that there are several rumours circulating about Portal Magazine and I would like to clarify the situation.

Firstly I want to assure you that Portal is continuing. I took the decision to skip an issue so we could make sure we had things in place. We are taking this opportunity to redesign Portal a little and bring it up to date. We are gearing the magazine towards digital media rather than print. We are making the magazine work well on Ipad's, tablets and mobile devices to make reading Portal even better.

While the design is changing Portal will on the whole remain pretty much the same. Our mix of news, reviews, tutorials and more will remain. We have a few new things coming in over time but nothing drastic. People love Portal's format so why mess with it!

A big change that was brought about was the opportunity to bring in a team to publish Portal. We have professional Graphic Designers, Journalists and writers on board who will help us really push Portal forward. We endeavour to continue to bring you content from some of the finest artists in the world.

We are currently putting the final touches to issue 30 and it will be hitting the virtual shelves in just over a weeks time.

There have been certain claims made regarding the team behind Figure Painter Magazine. While Figure Painter does have an ex Portal Magazine member Portal is in no way affiliated to Figure Painter magazine, nor is it Portal's successor, it is a completely seperate entity to Wamp and Portal Magazine and is not the current nor original Portal team behind it.

I hope this puts your mind at rest. Portal Magazine is continuing and will come back even better. We will any day now pass 100,000 downloads. We have had so much support from around the world encouraging us and offering help. It really is heart warming to know Portal is held in such high regard amongst the miniature painting community.

Portal and Wamp aim to help the community, foster mutual support amongst painters and help us all have fun painting miniatures. We don't charge for Portal Magazine as we want to reach as many people as possible .

I would appreciate it if any of you could help spread this statement as far as possible so we can let people know Portal magazine lives on. It really is important.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us

If you haven't tried Portal and want to know what all the fuss is about you can do so here:

Thanks for all the support

Brett Johnson
Wamp & Portal Founder

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Just to update you on what's happening with Portal.

There's been a lot happening behind the scenes and we have a great team in place working hard to get the next generation of Portal ready. . Essentially Portal will be pretty much the same with just a few changes to improve the content but Portal will continue to be the magazine we have all become accustomed too.

In order to make sure the magazine continues to deliver its high quality standard and we do things correctly we have decided not to publish a January issue. Portal 30 will be published instead one month later. I hope you understand this decision, it was taken to make sure we deliver something good and it means we can source even more killer content for you and gives us time to get everything in place
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