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Ben Heard

I like to be able to log rumors as I think of them. When I filter down to my *Rumors tag, it'd be nice if there was a dynamic index next to each log entry so I could roll to pick one randomly without having to count.

I'd love a button to jump back to "All Entries" with a single click. I know it's a small thing to click twice, Entry List -> All Entries, but I am doing it so often it feels like it should have its own shortcut. A hotkey might also be nice for this.

Feature ideas -
-Quick summary/key/main/focus info for tags (tooltip? context window? Maybe this could be solved by the sidebar pins idea.) A context window that populated with a marked log entry when you hovered over a tag would be cool.

-Refactor tag names. It is a sad feeling to think of a better name for the faction or plot I've been developing when I have a dozen entries already.

-Bulk edit append/remove tag. (This could probably also solve the refactor tag names idea.)

I would love to see shortcut keys for jumping to the search bar and for navigating to the different categories.

Is there a way to save custom generators?

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