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The home document storage solution.
The home document storage solution.

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Announcing the 0.9.5 release of openDias
That's it. We're done. I'm proud to announce the 0.9.5 release of openDias is ready for download . Major updates in this release include: Added auto tagging, by detect similar documents. Moved to username authentication using a new session system. Add Dutch...
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We've not gone. But we're definitely back with a bang.
Some people have been asking - is openDias dead? and for good reason it would seam. In short, the answer is no. We're still here and with new vigour to get this project going again. Admittedly, there has been a long period where nothing has happened - famil...
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I've just tagged a beta version of the 0.9 series of openDias.

We've added some great stuff this last cycle. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some highlights:
* Auto detect similar documents, offer to 'tag' and 'title' new docs for you.
* Privilege assignment by username and password.
* Added Dutch translations.
* Can now scan in colour.
* Detail page now has a 'print now' button (for scans and jpeg imports).
* Increased the max number of scanning pages to 30 (from 10).
* Deprecated location based privilege assignments.
* Improve scanning performance.
* Application and install, now honours GNU autotools --prefix option.
* Tests no longer need special permissions to run.
* Web application is now session aware.
* Stubbed out many external libs for testing (performance).
* Localisation is now much easier.
* Cleaned up homepage.

Visit the download page on the official website and give it a try. Everything is explained from there.

At present, I do not recommend using this version on a production system, but, performing an upgrade on a current system (copy of) is something I'd really like to hear about.

Otherwise, have fun, I hope you're really going to enjoy the new features.

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Packaging for an open source project

For a few years I've been working on an open source project +opendias
I've built up quite a community (not much on G+ yet), but the project is at the point where is can be really useful to the opensource community at large.

I've been looking at what's needed to get into the major distributions repositories. It looks like I've got two options.

   * Learn each distributions packaging rules; generate a package in their style; get sponsored as a maintainer; and then jump through all the submission hoops required to get included.
   * Or, persuade a maintainer for each distribution, to package and submit to their own repositories.

So, my first question is: is the above correct, or have I missed a route?

I've not got the time or the inclination to learn a different system (not only the packaging, but their submission rules) for each distribution - I'd rather be supporting the community I currently have and developing new functionality for the product. So my second question is: Where do I find distro package maintainers, and what are they looking for from a project in order to commit time to package it?

Thanks for any insights.

#opensource  #packaging #debian #ubuntu #fedora
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