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Seriously, I already love this new layout of Google+. Nice white space here too.
Then I'm going to post something good to inaugurate the new layout.

This is for you, /g/. And no, I'm not going to install gentoo.

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This is interesting. What you think, my people?
It's okay, I'm not afraid of your spaghetti, just post here. Share your opinion about this.

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Hello there, addon and goodbye for bot.

Don’t let Facebook, Google, or Twitter follow you around the web.
After clicking, choose Add to Firefox then Install Now on the next page. The warning is standard — Disconnect protects, not violates, your privacy.

I actually forgot about another good addon: Ghostery, this work better than Disconnect because this thing allow you to see who is tracking you.

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Nice move, Google.
Now we need to see if Google can triumph together with Hotfile and Megaupload against MPAA.

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They need to learn the lesson of history and stop being retards about patents.
We know one good example of this retard thing...
Apple vs. Samsung.
Just read the article, I'm sure you're going to find this very helpful.

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Interesting article. You must read this to understand about copyrights.
Just imagine Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine and whatever you like isn't more copyrighted and you can use whatever you want to publish one story with those characters and nobody can sue you! Or your favorite books, just imagine this: you making one story of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or whatever title. No? Then maybe games like Final Fantasy, Halo, Zelda and more.

Share this with your friends.

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Now you know how to get cancer! Share this fucking post.

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I'm going to play Metroid Prime, wish me luck to beat the game with 100%.
She is the first female character in game, huh? Ok, the Ms. Pac-man is the first, but we're counting only hot female character. Lara Croft cannot beat Samus, I'm right or right?
If someone didn't played Metroid, I suggest Super Metroid from SNES for first time, you're going to like this and thank me later.

Just adding some images of Samus to all guys to appreciate this character. And women.
Metroid - Samus Aran
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