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Thank you that you are... I love you)))
wow it so inspiring how one think in love 
aww thts so cut i wish i had my ex  boyfriend back i miss him
awwwww thats adorable.......... wish a boy said that to me
Aww I wish that someone would be like that for me
Omg guys its love he has wings like a angel duh get yalls mind out tha gutter
Hrm...I might prefer honesty...  Just sayin'.
not really dont make really any since
Awww so cute... ;)
Wtf. Probably some chicken wings....sry I aint feeling no love lol
That should not be comforting.  Just because he has wings does not mean she won't fall.  Also, the picture looks really awkward like she's not into it at all.
i wanna guy to say that to me <3
She doesn't love him, but he will soon find out!
u know he dont love her he is just a lier
She said "I'm afraid of falling" and he whispered "...I'm Batman"
بسیار زیبا
thats sweet, until he spreads to everyone else also.
@Elizabeth Yates

nor do fallen angels , and some males are that as well
i know its so cute en it :)
As if guys like that still exist,mxm.getting tired of mind gamers... 
...and she said 'i got flaps'. and he just took off
Cool but sadly fact not all guys are like that.
She said, "Well way to make to me feel bad"
we can clearly see his lack of wings... perhaps he ought to have said "parachute"... maybe even "hidden jetpack"
...and then she said "Did you drink my Red Bull?"
All sweet talk that goes down the drain if the guy shows his real face.
nice, they gonna make racy pose over there lol 
where is your wings i need them 
That is SO adorable! Absolutely LOVE-Cheesy in SUCH a wonderful way! lol- <3
And then he pulled out a can of Red Bull, looked at the camera, and winked.
Until your and he forgets to take out the trash for the 50th time! 
d most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone is love.
barf.  Why do these lovey dovey things keep popping up in my feed?  So annoying.
A. Opel
Is she laughing in the pic 'cause his response is so lame?
Get your own wings girl. What is this about red bull?

That's cute I really think there are a few good guys out ther who truly are for real
Cute..but many feels such assurance of their love with his every girlfriend..strange people!!
aww i wish i had love like that......AWWWW!!!!! :'(
aww that is so sweet
AW young love..wait 'till they get old enough to know better..
+Kavneet Kour  if you are talking about my comment, the red bull commercial  talks about you having wings after drinking it.
uh.. no how does this realte to bull.d.a!
He would have said anything. He wanted a kiss. Very badly.
no tengo tiempo para esto lio!
thats sooooooo sweet. im in love and i know how it feels
Me gustan las películas que narran cosas rutinarias, de la vida de las personas. Ahora estoy viendo Stella, tan simple pero tan profunda a la vez. Y mis tardes con Margarita, cómo poder olvidarla, bella!!!
aww now that is what a true man might say to someone he really cares about if he means it? haha bu tit can be a line as well as many folks say things to get what they want.,but if it is a sincere thing, what a wonderful thing to havethe courage and caring to say
and then he lied and they both fell and broke there leg and she beat him with crutch happily ever after
YEAH,grab your parachute baby girl .....more than likely your in for a
surprise landing....
all love starts off sickly sweet.....kinda like mmmm ..this post..
ugh ....O:)
So sweet...but becomes kornek!!!!
Thats not really romantic and for the record: PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE WINGS.
OMG this is cute but so depressed like it thats so nice how he said i have wings and where is she falling but nice lol
well that nice if i did this love to a girl but i'm shy :)
That's beautiful
But yet solo very true!!!!!
:o really ok but i don't have one yet :(
bye girls if you want to add a comment to be my friend that okay but i am a little shy bye 
There are a few men who are so good they could be mistaken for an angel. I want to know that the gentleman is not out to hurt me. He is kind and capable of protecting me. 
Y'all look nice! I wish I was happy wit a GD! :(
and then she says ''cool i thought i was the only one''
awww thats too sweet
beautiful love to hear that someone have da wings soooooo sweeeeet
Translate your gonna catch me?
Lol ok I wanna see that! Jk Thats cute
My love would have whispered that I have wings....He's called me his angel for 20+ years now... 
sweet i hope some day i can say that too
wow, that is soooo ................euuummm , i dont get it
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We r r all afraid of falling n getting hurt in luv. Love is similar to a trust fall. U must trust that their love will catch u.
broken trust is like a melted matter how you freeze it again and again it will never be back on its original shape!
That is priceless.and very hard to find!
thats not love ok this is a wrong method
love is not for showing love is a hide feelling
i dont l
ike this love its not love its sins.
"I will catch u if u fall..." -Justin Bieber
I see no wings.  That man is a compulsive liar.
Let me be your wings! Let me be your only love.
"I will catch you if I fall..." -Pretty much every cheesy romance song me love has many faces...can you determine which one is yours?
he do have dats y he won't let you fall.
gents must have this as a sort of lies...
but some men treat this seriously...... once they seriously in love too.
sometimes its not the mouth that speaks...
it must be the heart,..
i still think that this pic is very cute!!!!!!! AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! would be great to find a real man that could love you like that...or me I guess I should say! Men want everything...even women to take care if them...are there any real men like that out there?
No.just don't know one man who believes in romance...or soulmates I should say...
Aaw! If you really think about what love is, its trusting in one another completely:)
Yes Brandy darling their r men u still believe in romance, U just have to let him come to u! !!!!!!!!!!!!
she should have worn knee pads lol
That is so sweet . And I really enjoy seeing stuff like that. 
 He's taken, stop flirting with him.
Baby don't won't who ever ur talking about!!!! Have my own Husband. Baby!!!!!!!!
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"I feel blessed that I can walk beside you, lean upon you, and live within the warmth of your love." Don't forget to thank your partner who makes your life beautiful.
lucky her... im falling but no one with wings is here to catch me..
She stop it. He said it ok i brought protection this time
I also in writing nam.girl want to know is nt in sdt 01696355040
receiving notifications from them. Mute updates to this post. Change what
email Google+ sends you.
Red is a lovely color n person that I know 
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...! very expressive one... im turning red... and blue... and green... ahahaha... kidding...
I have my flying kiss to all of you.
The girl has a legs of a baby and an arms of tye lady
aw..i jz l0l..
N0thng to say,haha lol=D
With love, be prepared for any thing. Wings might help alot
love itself has wings..........., when u fall in love u start flying............:-)  and its really a great thing when u have someone to fly with u for the whole life............." love has wings and it always wins "
Your bored cause youre selfish. U woulnt no love if it bit u in the ass
i know its so busy out there your likely to dye
Thats so beautiful, I love that.

The end. How can u make the movie
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