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Nice and sweet. I'm also new at this and need followers on my love poem page. And if you like what you read let me know.´╗┐
I love you husband!!!!mi Raul´╗┐
Rana S
At the last part i literally said awwwww´╗┐
I'm working on finding one of those you's. A good woman is hard to find !!!´╗┐
What if that you is a person u hate?´╗┐
love this one lol ┬ásugar and spice make me nice´╗┐
i always tell my best friend she is the ying to my yang´╗┐
hehee, so nice to read this and know i have someone to think about :)´╗┐
thats like me and my best friend leah´╗┐
Grace C
aww i love this´╗┐
you and me really i don't know you but overall it's cute´╗┐
Mike and Ike aren't together any more = (´╗┐
resizing a cell in google drive doc´╗┐
Love is sweat´╗┐
whaoo its so luvly nd cute´╗┐
juan and cassi! <3 4 life!!´╗┐
Julia S
"bee's"? really?´╗┐
Yeah right if that we're real I'd bee normal ´╗┐
Avery S
aww thats adorable!!´╗┐
Its look very cute :3 Well 2 b honest it look nice :)´╗┐
Thats so sweet.. <3´╗┐
or like the famous mr. gump said, like PEAS AND CARROTS.´╗┐
Ok, seriously?  144 people commented, and only one person pointed out that "Bee's" is incorrect? And one person even repeated it.  Come on people, help prove that grammar is not a dying race!  And to this page, it is much more meaningful when your posts have proper grammar. But seriously, somebody had to type this.  And then somebody had to upload it.  Then 143 people had to read this.  And comment. And none of these people noticed.

For the record, it's Bees and Honey, not Bee's and Honey.┬á Unless the Bees own the And Honey.´╗┐
haha i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=) Thats so amazing..´╗┐
my husband rob is my J and PB.....wub ya rob...sandy´╗┐
grammatical error: bee's should be bees, the plural and not the possessive form´╗┐
Hunters and Gatherers
Math and Science
Riddles and Rhymes
Carbon and Oxygen
Love and Hate
He and She
You and Me.´╗┐
that would be nasty if u mix that all together´╗┐
Thats Too Cute <33´╗┐
Love all of it´╗┐
Rach T
how many others realized that "bee's" should not have an apostrophe?´╗┐
omg┬á that hits the chart´╗┐
there shouldnt be an apostrophe in bees´╗┐
Long-winded way of saying I love you´╗┐
more please..this quote was so great!~´╗┐
I love the way it is rhyming.´╗┐
im the 1001 who liked this YIPEEE! :P´╗┐
I would +1 it, but it has a grammatical error.´╗┐
i wish but suger so has to sweet dont mix heaven and hell´╗┐
That's true me nd my nigga been together 4 five months we in middle school mason Clark middle alday long ´╗┐
Cheese and Sprinkles! ( Rio the movie´╗┐
sounds like something i would say. so so so so cute´╗┐
ha cheese and sprinkles i am a┬áMinnesotan┬ái never heard of it´╗┐
i like that´╗┐
yay i love this someone who understands´╗┐
Chocolate and the Chip...... wait..... you get the idea!´╗┐
that is so sweet lol!! :)´╗┐
cute! reminds me of a song...´╗┐
Peanut buter & bannana sandwitch!´╗┐
I'm going to send this to my girlfriend! (yes I'm gay...)´╗┐
That's cute I like this a lot <3´╗┐
For me and you its like a ryme: sugar and spice nice and mean boring and silly and all those things that you think that go together, don't

Made up by: me´╗┐
WOW!!! This generation brings sooooo much┬áexcitement!!! Mac Books and Cheese are now friends!!!! Luv it <3´╗┐
myit zu
How so cute r u?, love it soo much!!´╗┐
are two things people want to be with there pairs´╗┐
Didnt I just text this to a certain someone...hmmm´╗┐
Captain and the First Mate <3 The hero and the sidekick <3 Straw to my berry :)´╗┐
so........ nice thinking yar´╗┐
couldnt have said it better.....luv u bestie xo´╗┐
awww isnt that sweet'´╗┐
so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐
Mango Popsicles :D Random!´╗┐
so cute like me and my boyfriend´╗┐
Thats super cute..:)´╗┐
sweet & salty´╗┐
you are at the corner of "fat chance" and "no chance"´╗┐
bananas and potatoes´╗┐
So sweet... makes me all soft inside´╗┐
R Shree
So Nice...´╗┐
C Ar
no where not together!!!!­čś▒´╗┐
always together
friends forever....wow
nice quote:)´╗┐
WTF??? Yeah its cute, but read lots of sweeter post that no one post comments. So guess this one has hidden mess...??? Idk & idgf. Next.....´╗┐
very nice┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ahahahahah sono italiana e so l'inglese´╗┐
second last comment <3´╗┐
Hahahaha last comment┬á´╗┐
but you are always shure that they will always be together´╗┐
Awww so freaking cute´╗┐
Aww sooo cute. Love is such a wonderful thing´╗┐
Hi I am fine. What's going on there.´╗┐
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