The following is an update on the investigation of a large block of rooms being reserved by a small number of individuals.

Despite direct communications with them, the Denver-based group known as the Furry Raiders declined to drop their reservations at the Crowne Plaza.

We have exhausted all of the means that we have to officially try to get them to release the rooms, but we’re sorry to say that neither the convention nor the hotel currently have policies in place to prevent this behavior, though we strongly disapprove of it.

We will be taking direct action to implement policies with the Marriott next year to prevent this obscenely unfair behavior.

In the meantime, you can post your feedback and concerns here in the comments, or you can e-mail them to

Attendees who wish to, may also contact the Furry Raiders and voice your concern directly through their various social media outlets. We will not post their contact information on this or any of our other Social Media pages.
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