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Platinum white
Few days ago, while I was walking in the street, I suddenly heard two women saying that recently they've noticed that lots of asian women were bleaching their hair. It's true that having platinum white hair has actually become a thing, not only asian women ...

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Once upon a time
Not only fairytales are for children but it's true that they also have been a longtime source of inspiration for many artists. Alena Akhmadullina, a Russian-born designer, managed to recreate the fantasy of one of the most popular Russian folktale by bringi...

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You know how old movies used to be in black and white ? Well, I think I would have been great in one of them because it seems like I can't wear anything else than black, white or grey clothes. Grey particularly have been one of my favorite color since autum...

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Reading at home with a hot cup of tea is one of my favorite activities during fall/winter. I'm in that period of the year where I prefer to play the kinda antisocial girl while wearing my old pjs with a pair of fluffy socks, than going out in the cold. To b...

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What comes to your mind when you come across the word 'Japan' ? Let me guess, spirituality, refinement, peacefulness, tradition, beauty, mystery ? I agree. But one thing that is proper to Japan in my opinion is its culture based on contradictions and, I thi...

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Sorry for not keeping you updated during summer but I was a bit overload between my internship and my trip to Japan then South Korea (I'd tell you more about this in another article).
Today I'm sharing with you guys an outfit from my internship era. You cer...

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my shoe collection
Remember when I uploaded my first Youtube video ? Well, here's my second one. Actually, it's been a while since I uploaded it but I forgot to share it with you guys on this blog. I don't have lots of shoes but I still wanted to show you guys what kind of sh...

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You guys are pretty lucky, this is my second article this week and I have to admit that I'm quite surprised myself (I'm on easter holiday, that's probably why aha). But you know what ? Let's just hope this will continue, right ? So, I believe that you are n...
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