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It was only ^F5 you stoopid piece of software. Don't fall over on the basics. So the chronological order of this stream is dictated by the date/time of the last post to whichever thread is at the top. That'll get take some getting used to as zombie threads resurface quicker than I can swing a machete.

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Or anyone who won't be able to leave the house, can't walk to the Polling Station.....etc.

I had to Factory Reset my HTC Desire last night - it just kept getting itself into knots all the time and crashing roughly every 2 days. So I've set it up differently from scratch. Hello passwords when resuming from sleep mode, personal, work and uni gmail accounts and calandars, google+. Goodbye to all games, screen savers and wallpapers, most widgets (especially feeds of all types). Looking good for the moment.

Next time it's Rooting the damned thing and some sort of custom ROM job ;-)

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A rather different spin on the usual take. This is an American psych talking about the American system. Still worth a couple of minutes to read.

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Time to update your Adobe products. Remember to update ALL the browsers you use.

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The Fades on BBC3. I've given it 25 minutes and it hasn't really grabbed me yet. I'll make a final decision at the end of episode 2, I guess.

I posted this as a reply to a friend but I think it deserves a post of its own.

I really liked the chronological Newsfeed on Facebook. I only added people I trusted or actually knew as "Friends" and actively blocked anyone who expressed views I found offensive. Now they've gone and borked it all up. No consultation, no option to roll-back to the previous version, no option to turn off all the screen-grabbing shit they've suddenly landed on me.

I use Facebook primarily to keep up with clubs, bands, events, musical releases, certain areas of medicine and dare I say it, certain fringe political views (left-wing and anarcho). And they've fucked it.

Oh well, probably means I'll spend more time here then :-)

Welcome to all my Facebook friends who have jumped over to see what this place is like.

OK, I gave Google Chrome a good go. I'm using a portable version on my USB drive when I'm at work and don't have any complaints. BUT.

Google Chrome seems to spawn processes that just won't die! I'm running Windows 7 and on a regular, frequent basis the whole of Chrome would just lock up. When I went into Task Manager it was easy enough to spot chrome.exe - all 6 or 7 instances of it - in the list of active processes. I would highlight the process, click on End Process and MOST of them would end. Unfortunately one or two were more persistent. They just would not end!

I ended up having to reboot the system in order to kill the bastard off and get my "profile" working again. I was rebooting as often as every 12 - 24 hours or so. Don't get me wrong, Firefox can be a bugger in a similar way sometimes. But not to that extent.

So I'm back with Firefox for now. Perhaps I'll try Chrome in another 6 months or so and see if Google have sorted out whatever the issue is. I hope so because that was about the only problem I had with Chrome. It was fast, I liked the extensions and it worked with all the websites I browsed (although it seemed far slower than Firefox with my Internet Banking site - I lived with it). I just couldn't handle the non-responsive, un-killable, memory-hogging chrome.exe remnant processes.

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AES is still the best crypto scheme out there ;-)

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Just trying out Publish Sync ( ) which claims to synchronise posts by me between my Facebook and Google+ accounts. This could be interesting...
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