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Has Google taken away my ability to caption an already-uploaded photo? Because this is seriously pissing me off. >:(
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Nuri Olsen

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SCA Non-member Surcharge.

It's a thing. Apparently it has wider applicability than many folks realized. A lot of people are upset about this, particularly in how it is a barrier to recruitment and retention. I understand this. However, while you voice your opinion on what should be done to change it, please consider an additional course of action:


If you have a spare $5 you can donate, pay someone's fee. Use your $5 to show someone they matter to us. At an event where you don't know any new folks personally? Talk to whoever is collecting money and donate $5 to cover the next newcomer to arrive.

An optional add-on to this is a Freecycle-style table. Got old stuff you don't use any more, like feast gear, belts, pouches, or other starter gear? Arrange to have a small table with a sign that says, "If you are new, take what you need; it's yours now!" (Just make sure you take any unclaimed items home with you after the event.)

Got no extra money or stuff? Offer a ride, escort someone around an event, sit with someone in court... Give your time and attention.

There is plenty we can do to make people feel wanted and help new people get going. Put your action where your mouth is. (Keep running your mouth too -- things will never change if no one says they need to.)

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Voices were heard at the Society Exchequer's office, and things were changed back to the way they were. NMS will not be collected at regular practices, meetings, etc. 
However, I encourage people to still make newcomers welcome. When I can afford it, I give the gate an extra $5 for the next person's NMS. Paying it forward is what the SCA is all about. 
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Nuri Olsen

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Coronation Dayboard!

If you are (or are considering) attending Coronation this Saturday in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, here is a quick preview of what you can expect to find on the Dayboard. As there is no feast, we want to make sure everyone is well-fed!

Every dish will be labeled, and there will be an ingredients list available for anyone with allergy concerns. You can also contact me in advance with questions!

Smoked Beef Brisket
Roasted Pork
Roasted Chicken Legs
Beef Sausage
Smoked Salmon

Hand Quiches
Irish Oat "Gnocchi"
Hard-boiled Eggs
Marinated Mushrooms

Steamed Asparagus
Roasted Cabbage
Roasted Onion
Cheese Cubes
Various Breads
Apples w/Lemon Juice
Honey-roasted Hazelnuts

Red Mustard
Hot Mustard
Basic Mustard
Horseradish Sauce
Honey & Herb Butters
Savory Toasted Cheese

Honey Oatcakes
Apple Pastries
Hand Pies
Stuffed Dates
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Looks delicious.  If the smoked brisket disappears after it goes out, you can probably blame me.
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Nuri Olsen

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In Their Own Worlds is a project where I'll be taking photos of authors in the worlds of their novels.

I want to create big, beautiful, complicated photoshoots. I've been planning this project for over a year and I've assembled my dream team of artists and authors.

Now I need the budget to make it a reality. Through the backer-exclusive updates, I'll take you with me as I arrange photoshoots, work on props and costumes, recruit models, complete test shots, edit photos and launch a fabulous gallery show.

Click on the link to watch my video, check out the pictures and read more about the project.
J.R. Blackwell is raising funds for In Their Own Worlds on Kickstarter! In Their Own Worlds will photograph authors in the worlds of their novels.
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A while ago I asked people what kind of work they'd like to see me do next, and overwhelmingly people said: Do what you love the most.

This is it. This is me taking that advice. So thank you for sharing!
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Nuri Olsen

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In related news, this is my new favorite thing.
Think you've seen every possible food and life hack out there? Think again for these will blow your mind and change your life.
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Kitchen hacj: If you run out if chip clips, you have totally too much junk food. Clean out your pantry! Thanks Nuri. I needed a good cry.
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Nuri Olsen

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For #MedievalMonday ‬, I present to you a viking raid wedding cake of epic proportions. To give you some idea of the size, the cakescape is 3'x3' at the base, with the tallest point being 20". While cake, as we know it today, is not medieval, the concept of a sugar showpiece, also known as a subtlety (also spelled soteltie or sotelty), is very medieval.

This cake was made by +Kate's Kakes  for +Peter Olsen and +Nuri Olsen's wedding, with contribution by Tabi Matzke. Photo by +Ken Ernstein. #MySCA  
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They're pulled sugar, airbrushed with red.
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Nuri Olsen

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PSA on Ticks

The tick larvae have gotten uppity. These guys decided to come back (inside) and bite me in the ass. Literally.

Yes, that is my THUMB.

Ticks come in bitty, tiny, small, "normal," and OMG HOW LONG HAS THAT BEEN FEEDING? The bitty larvae (teeny tiny with 6 legs instead of 8) don't generally carry diseases though, because they haven't attached to the animals that ticks pick them up from yet. So that's good, I guess, because these look like deer tick larvae as far as I can tell.

One of the best ways you can find attached ticks quickly is by just running your hands over your skin. Tiny ticks will feel like little skin tags/bumps. Bigger ones will feel like, well, bigger skin tags/bumps. It's a little harder to find them in hairy areas, but the same thing works if you're thorough. Do it right after you come in from outside, then again 15 minutes later, and again 15 more minutes later. If you find any, change your clothes and check any areas you've been sitting, then check yourself one more time 15 minutes or so later.

(These two got on me just from sitting on my porch with a long skirt on. Wearing shorts or short skirts is one of the best ways to avoid them because you'll usually feel them trying to crawl up your bare skin and pull them off before they even bite.)
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Yeah, the first time I had a tick bite it was in my hair.  Made me really twitchy about it.  I always run my fingers around my scalp then comb thoroughly.
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Nuri Olsen

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Details and prices forthcoming, but feel free to ask if you see something in particular that interests you.

More details for some items here:
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(Excuse me, the batt, not roving)
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Nuri Olsen

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Wars of Roses Lost & Found

Lost and found items from Wars of the Roses! Let me know if something is yours so I can get it back to you.
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Ooh half demi gauntlet, dibs!
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Nuri Olsen

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Stupid Things That Are Pissing Me Off For No Good Reason

Okay internet, we need to talk. It has come to my attention that you have a problem. Well, lots of them, but right now I'm focusing on one specific problem, so just go with me.

You need to stop calling everything a "hack." It's not a hack. It's just doing a thing, using a thing, or making a thing. People have literally been doing that since the beginning of society. When our ancestors picked up stones and sharpened them into blades, they didn't need to call it a hack. IT WAS JUST MAKING A THING.

It was cute at first when you were using the term to apply to re-purposing things for uses they were never intended for. That's great. Very Depression-era mend-and-make-do thinking. (By the way, people in the Depression never called reusing things a "hack" either.) But now you are using the word hack to apply to pretty much any project where you make, change, or finish a thing. NO. IT'S NOT A HACK. STOP IT.

This article, for instance. ( This article has some cute ideas for home decor. But I must protest the headline. PAINTING A DRESSER IS NOT A HACK. People have been doing that for as long as there have been dressers. In fact, unfinished furniture stores exist solely to serve the market of people who want to put their own custom finish on furniture!

Likewise, PAINTING A GLASS IS NOT A HACK. See above. It's just putting some fucking paint on a fucking glass. Covering lampshades with fabric? Hello, have you HEARD of Martha Stewart, and if not, how are you even posting on the internet right now from your cave?

This article goes on to suggest other great innovations such as lining a tray with fabric and putting beads on things. SUCH INSPIRE. VERY HACK.

Look, I have no problem with people rehashing decor ideas and making DIY articles on the internet. Go on with your bad self! But OTHER people who are pretending to "write" articles by just aggregating a bunch of photos and links and then making a list of "hacks" need to PIPE THE FUCK DOWN. They're not hacks. And you're not fooling anyone about your writing abilities. Stop it. JUST STOP IT. YOU'RE DOING A BAD THING AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD.

So next time you see a neat idea and you feel tempted to say, "hey, that's a great hack!" just stop. Stop and say to yourself, "Self, I think you mean that's a great IDEA. Because putting fucking paint on a fucking glass is not a hack, no matter how pretty the finished product looks."
You don't need to spend a lot or be an expert at DIY or crafting to bring some ingenious decorating solutions into your living space. Today we gathered 20
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What? You're not a Disney Princess? Obviously I raised you wrong. 
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Nuri Olsen

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WOW. We have so many talented people in our Kingdom, and this is just a sampling! WANT.
The Labours of the East, a 2015 calendar with artwork by scribes of the East Kingdom to benefit the Royal Travel Fund, goes on sale today. Each month features a poem about an SCA activity with an accompanying illustration. Blank notecards are also…
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Nuri Olsen

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Hmmm, hey, have you seen this? You should definitely buy the album.

You know, if you're into that kind of thing. Which I am.
Because music shared is a treasure to be cherished. And damned expensive.
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