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Nuri Steinhauer

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For the NC Triangle-area crowd. Some of my friends are trying to sell so they can move closer to Granma & Granpa. Good lil house with a big workshop and land!
This homestead was built in 1912!  It sits on 1.64 acres, and features working shop areas.  Perfect for an artist, landscaper or auto maintenance business owner.  Call Christina McCaffrey, RE/MAX Preferred Associates at (919) 868-4310 for a tour!  Only $160K.  Minutes to downtown Raleigh, Right beside Wake Tech.
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Nuri Steinhauer

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Stuff from the Depths
Starting at the low, low price of "make me an offer."

I'll be adding Tees shortly.

(I think the art books are gone to an art teacher, but the knitting books are still here.)

+Peter Olsen please double check that you're cool getting rid of any wallscrolls that are yours.
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nooope. I've been trying to mark/take down anything that's gone.
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Nuri Steinhauer

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In honor of A.C. Crispin, I'm sharing this link for all my writer friends who don't already know about Writer Beware.
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Nuri Steinhauer

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You may now commence showering me with job offers. My days are free.

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The house we live in is going on the market next week. So that few weeks of summer will be packing and cleaning. But still, that stuff desperately needs doing anyway! I am actually excited about having the time and energy to do dishes again.
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Nuri Steinhauer

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PAX Aus & Pennsic have made my feeds bizarrely quiet this weekend. It is disconcerting. I hope you guys are all having fun.
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Oh Nuri, I'm so sorry for being a smart ass, the timing of that sucks.
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Yes. Very yes.
The big reveal!  This is what +Anna Kreider and I have been working on for the past few months, and hope to be working on for quite a few months into the future.

Princess Charming will be a series of books for awesome princesses — whether said princess is the one-year-old in your lap or your own inner princess.

These are princesses that you won't find anywhere else.  Princesses who defy convention, princesses who don't fit into mainstream molds, princesses who are as awesome as our own kids.

We're starting off with Princess Kadri and three books: a picture book, a bedtime book, and an early reader book.  After our initial funding goal, we'll unlock additional princesses, each awesome in their own way and each with their own stories to tell.

I am unspeakably excited about this project and I'm really looking forward to seeing if it's got the legs to do the heavy lifting I hope it can do.  If you've got a couple minutes, please check out the kickstarter.  If you've got a few seconds, please reshare, retweet, reblog, and share this around.

It's only with your help that this project will fulfill its potential.  Thanks! :)
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Nuri Steinhauer

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Very cool!
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In case you know someone in the Albany area who needs laundry machines! We need to NOT have these laundry machines anymore.
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Nuri Steinhauer

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Lady In Black: 'Burka Avenger' Fights For Pakistan's Girls

This looks awesome.

" On feminist criticism of the Avenger's costume
"We chose the burqa because of course we wanted to hide her identity the way superheroes do. She doesn't wear the burqa during the day — she doesn't even wear a headscarf, or a hijab or anything like that; she goes about her business as a normal teacher would. And so she chooses to wear the burqa, she's not oppressed ... and on the other end of the spectrum, a lot of female superheroes in the West are objectified, and sort of sexualized in their costumes, like Catwoman and Wonder Woman, and that certainly would not work here."
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I would watch this to check it out. It could be really interesting!
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Nuri Steinhauer

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Natura Pet Products issued a pet food recall after the FDA found salmonella in one of their products.
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Moose used to eat Blue Buffalo, but integrating her with The Boyfriend's zoo changed that. I'll work them back around before fall I think.
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