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Some days, the only thing that makes the pain bearable is MOAR FIBER.
Some days, the only thing that makes the pain bearable is MOAR FIBER.
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Subject: New soft-flexible parchment to be available through
cooperative order

Last fall, a small group of book conservators visited Pergamena, the parchment makers and leather tanners in upstate New York. During the tour, we expressed an interest in a flexible parchment. Fortunately, Jesse Meyer had been developing that very item. He has a process to make parchment that is more flexible than the traditional that is the hard and stiff type.
A batch of at least two-dozen skins is needed for them to proceed, thus a cooperative order is being assembled.
Each skin will cost $25.00 per sq.ft. or about $150-$200 per skin.
If you are interested in participating in this order, please contact me
Small samples of this soft-parchment are available.

Bill Minter

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA 16695

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On safety pins:

(Attn commenters: this is a Public post)

People are wearing safety pins as a symbol that they are a safe and supporting person for minorities, both visible and invisible.

That's cool... but if you put it on, be prepared to follow through with action. We don't need another White People Feel-good Symbol. We need to step up and support folks who are being harassed whenever and wherever we see it.

Try to understand the frustration coming from minorities about the meaningless support symbol problem. They have seen symbolic gestures that are not followed by action over and over again, and they have every right to voice their frustrations. So display your symbols if you want, but more importantly, ACT in accordance with them.

Some people are worried that the alt-right is co-opting the safety pin symbol. Look, you can always modify yours to make it clear what you are supporting. Add rainbow beads, or a white rose, or both. Symbols of support to let people know they are not alone in a crowd are good. But the VERY BEST WAY to show that is to step in when those people need you to.

I am a passing cis hetero White Person, and I will step in. My pin is not to make me feel better. It is to remind me of my promise and to tell you that I have made it. Feel free to tell me if you see me not following through; real friends don't give us a pass when we are failing.

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Come display at the Arts & Sciences Salon II!

“Show Us Your Failures and What You Learned From Them"
A&S Display and Populace Token Vote

We are trying something a little different for this Arts & Sciences display. For everyone who has ever looked at all the meticulous, well-crafted projects that our artisans and scientists have produced and thought, “wow, that’s amazing… I could never do that,” we are asking for people to enter some of their “behind the scenes” work so we can all see the experimentation and practice it takes to be able to produce a magnificent end product. We often learn the most from our failures and mistakes!

Please bring something that didn’t go the way you hoped or planned, and a short explanation (1 page or shorter) of what it is and what you learned from it! There will be no judging, but each display item will have a bowl for collecting tokens from the populace (we will provide tokens for folks who don’t have their own). At the end of the day, the entries with the most populace tokens will have the opportunity to pick from an assortment of prizes, so bring out the blunders and inspire people to keep trying and improving!

We look forward to seeing what you’ve been keeping behind the curtain!

Questions can be directed to Lady Finnguala ingen Néill meic Chuircc (

I am making a Garden circle. This will include both medieval and modern garden stuff. Posts will include:

1) SCA project updates for the medieval garden beyond the periodic posts from my project blog
2) Offers of extra baby plants if I have too many for their designated space
3) Offers of extra harvest, including dyestuffs from the dyer's garden I'm going to plant and probably not use for my own projects
4) Probably copius photos of plants, and potentially posts about growing and using individual plants
5) Questions for other folks who might have dealt with the same thing so I don't have to reinvent the wheel

Some people will get auto-added because I know they are interested, but if you want to be sure you're in the circle, let me know you want in!

Has Google taken away my ability to caption an already-uploaded photo? Because this is seriously pissing me off. >:(

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Details and prices forthcoming, but feel free to ask if you see something in particular that interests you.

More details for some items here:
Yarn & Fiber Major Destash
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SCA Non-member Surcharge.

It's a thing. Apparently it has wider applicability than many folks realized. A lot of people are upset about this, particularly in how it is a barrier to recruitment and retention. I understand this. However, while you voice your opinion on what should be done to change it, please consider an additional course of action:


If you have a spare $5 you can donate, pay someone's fee. Use your $5 to show someone they matter to us. At an event where you don't know any new folks personally? Talk to whoever is collecting money and donate $5 to cover the next newcomer to arrive.

An optional add-on to this is a Freecycle-style table. Got old stuff you don't use any more, like feast gear, belts, pouches, or other starter gear? Arrange to have a small table with a sign that says, "If you are new, take what you need; it's yours now!" (Just make sure you take any unclaimed items home with you after the event.)

Got no extra money or stuff? Offer a ride, escort someone around an event, sit with someone in court... Give your time and attention.

There is plenty we can do to make people feel wanted and help new people get going. Put your action where your mouth is. (Keep running your mouth too -- things will never change if no one says they need to.)

Coronation Dayboard!

If you are (or are considering) attending Coronation this Saturday in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, here is a quick preview of what you can expect to find on the Dayboard. As there is no feast, we want to make sure everyone is well-fed!

Every dish will be labeled, and there will be an ingredients list available for anyone with allergy concerns. You can also contact me in advance with questions!

Smoked Beef Brisket
Roasted Pork
Roasted Chicken Legs
Beef Sausage
Smoked Salmon

Hand Quiches
Irish Oat "Gnocchi"
Hard-boiled Eggs
Marinated Mushrooms

Steamed Asparagus
Roasted Cabbage
Roasted Onion
Cheese Cubes
Various Breads
Apples w/Lemon Juice
Honey-roasted Hazelnuts

Red Mustard
Hot Mustard
Basic Mustard
Horseradish Sauce
Honey & Herb Butters
Savory Toasted Cheese

Honey Oatcakes
Apple Pastries
Hand Pies
Stuffed Dates

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Wars of Roses Lost & Found

Lost and found items from Wars of the Roses! Let me know if something is yours so I can get it back to you.
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In Their Own Worlds is a project where I'll be taking photos of authors in the worlds of their novels.

I want to create big, beautiful, complicated photoshoots. I've been planning this project for over a year and I've assembled my dream team of artists and authors.

Now I need the budget to make it a reality. Through the backer-exclusive updates, I'll take you with me as I arrange photoshoots, work on props and costumes, recruit models, complete test shots, edit photos and launch a fabulous gallery show.

Click on the link to watch my video, check out the pictures and read more about the project.
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