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What Are We Afraid Of?

Our lives should be dictated to by the excited of simply living but too many times fear is the factor that keeps us in check.
The fear of getting old.
The fear of offending.
The fear of dying.
The fear of being alone.
The fear of being poor.
The fear of not being accepted.

So we feed our fears and try to stave it off by conforming to what it asks for, we hide the fear within the shadows of our existence and pretend we are not scared.

What if I told you everyone else is just as scared of fear itself? What if I told you everyone else is hiding theirs away in the shadows as well, hoping it can't be seen by others?

We only have this one chance at life yet we are subdued because of some unreasonable and unfathomable fear of life itself. Let go of the fear before you spend the rest of your life in the shadows with it.
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