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Thanks for stoping by!!

A bit about myself; ex military(US Army), had travel to a lot of places which open my eyes to see things i never noticed before, risking my life many times while in the military open my eyes to new perspectives in life. One of them is photography i started doing it around the year 2005 and haven't stop since. it is my primary hobbie which i pretty much do full time since i retired from the military. I have spend thousands of dollars on this pastime with zero regrets since it helps me remember and appreciate the beautiful things i capture with my camera. I do this for free, the day i do this for money will be the day i quit taking photos, since it will become a "JOB" and not something that i just do for fun.

I Hope you enjoy this photos as much as i do, please feel free to download them if you like. Have a wonderful day. Enjoying life by capturing Gods beautiful creation at the press of a button!!!!!!

Please Like our facebook page, if you have one send the link so we can like it too. Have a wonderful day.
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1134 cobblestone cir apt a
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