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I heard that Oshima Ryoka is so traumatized by the attack that she can't leave her room or talk to strangers anymore :( this is exactly what I was afraid of. I wish I could do something more for them, but for now I'll just stick with sending them letters of support until I think of something better.

I heard the news this morning while at work and couldn't concentrate on my work at all after hearing it. The attack on annin and ricchan just won't stay out of my mind, I was just to worried. I'm glad that they're ok after the surgery, but I'm still worried about them mentally. I hope they didn't get too traumatized by this and that they recover soon. 

dear acchan,
   you have always been one of my most favorite girls in akb and seeing you perform have always been the highlight of my day. you have given so much to akb and us fans that i find it so hard to see you leave, but i know that you have to follow your heart and go for your dreams. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done and i want you to know that this isn't good bye. you may be leaving akb, but i will always love and support you in everything you do. ganbatte acchan and i wish you all the luck and success in everything you do. #maeda0827  


8 min. left! my heart is beating like crazy!

almost time! cant wait!!

Takamina ganbatte! im rooting for you!!
wakin up at 4am to watch the whole show!!

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to my oshimen Takamina,

you were the girl that got me into akb, the girl that caught my attention, turned me into a fan and you have been my oshimen for the past six years. you are one of the most talented, hard working and caring girl i have ever known and getting to know you this past six years have been a pleasure. i want to let you know that seeing you perform live here in america has been some of the most amazing experiences of my life and i thank you for it.

i know you've been through a lot this year and it has been very hard for you. when i heard what you said during your holy day theater performance i couldn't help but feel sad and tear up, but at the same time i also felt proud and happy that us fans were able to give you strength to keep on going. after everything that you have done and given us i was glad that i was able to give something back in return.

you have always been an inspiration and a source of strength for me. whenever i'm feeling down or going through hard times it is you who gives me the strength to get through it. its funny, six years ago before i found out about akb and before getting to know you, i never would have imagined that the person that would have one of the biggest impact in my life is a girl who is two years younger than me. now i don't even know what i would be like if i hadn't known you, because of you i am able to live as myself and your motto has become words that i live by.

takamina i want to let you know that i am proud to be your fan and that no matter what happens, even after you graduate from akb, you will always have my support, i will always be your fan.

#akbge_en MinamiTakahashi
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