Today, it took exactly 83 minutes of being for my spinal headache symptoms to hit me full force. Headache so bad I couldn't speak, tunnel vision, hearing loss, nausea and vertigo. The symptoms came on really fast too, within about ten minutes I went from feeling more or less fine, with just mild back ache and moderate head ache, to feeling like if I didn't lie down I was going to die.

I'm kind of nervous about calling the neurologist tomorrow, because he told me half my face going numb during my adjustment to topamax was just down to me being a "nervous flyer," so I'm terrified this is going to be a similar situation and I'm just not going to be able to sit up for longer than 90 minutes at a time for 3 weeks straight because he's an asshole.

I'm really pissed off as well because there was NOTHING on the consent form beyond "head ache for 24-48 hours." Nothing about hearing loss or vertigo or being bed ridden for a week. Luckily I learned last June how useless emergency rooms here are, so I looked up my symptoms online and found out they're all pretty standard but you'd think they'd warn you "hey,there's a 10% chance you're going to go deaf for about 120 seconds at a time if you stay sitting up for too long after this."

such a bad weekend =/
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