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Backloggery updated!
The past week was a busy week for me.  Did a blog post, updated my backloggery  and... yeah, that's pretty much it, if I don't count work.  I picked up Omega Quintet on Tuesday and decided to play right away, which is odd for me considering I usually buy a ...

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First real try at being a Dungeon Master. Retelling of the party's adventure so far.
Greetings! I realize I have not posted in ages on my blog, I'm sorry for that, been busy in real life.  Mostly with video games and Pathfinder. Talking about Pathfinder, the DM we had got a job and was unable to keep the campaign we were playing going due t...

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Post of my games, for having another copy instead of on FB
Physical PS4 Call of Duty: Ghost (Done) PS3 3D Dot Game Heroes   Ace Combat - Assault Horizon Adventure Time - Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know Afro Samurai  (Done) Alice: Madness Returns Anarchy Reigns  (Done) Arcania Armored Core: For Answer  (Don...
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