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Sock Yarn v. Fingering weight yarn:: What are the differences? What are the similarities?
Recently when I was in a yarn shop with students, I was corrected by the owner.  We had been discussing yarns to make a lace cowl.  I had been suggesting a sock yarn could be paired with a lace weight to make the finished look desired as well as give the la...

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A Year of Stitches Week 15
I remember telling you all of the wedding happening in my
family.  For this installment of  stitches, wedding bells are on my
mind.  I'm just glad I don't have to add any of this to a gown or veil or
anything else for that matter.  A swatch will do me just ...

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Fit for a Prince or Princess
At long last, I have the directions and picture for a crown.  The crown can be embellished as you see fit. A Wendyteaches Original By Wendy Stumpf Materials
Needed: Any yarn you choose Hook
2 sizes smaller than you normally use for your yarn choice Gauge:

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National Crochet Month

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Circular shawls
This is the last installment on my shawl shape series.  They all stemmed from a conversation with my daughter in law last year when she asked me about how to create a triangle shawl.  It sparked my thoughts as I washed dishes.  It commanded time in my dream...

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Day 32 A Year of Stitches
Today's stitches will be Cat's Paw Lace and Cluster Crowns Cat's Paw Lace Multiple of 7 sts Rep R1 - 6 until you have a square, ending R5. Crown Lace With this stitch pattern we can feel like a princess.

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Day 31 a Year of Stitches
Today's stitches will be Openwork Leaf Pattern and Leaf Stitch Openwork Leaf Pattern This is a close relative of the openwork diamonds from 2 days ago.  Both are fabulous.  This one reminds me of the leaves of the greenery sometimes included with roses one ...

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Day 30 A Year of Stitches
Today's stitches will be English Mesh and V stitch English Mesh Popular, Pretty, what more could we ask for? Multiple of 6 plus 1 R1: (wrong side) and all other wrong side rows - P R2: k1, * yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1; rep from * R4: k1, * yo, k1, sl 1, k2t...

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Day 28 A Year of Stitches
Todays Stitches will be Diamond Medallion Pattern and Diamond Puffs Diamond Medallion Pattern Panel of 19 sts. This is a slight elaboration on Mrs. Montague's pattern.  It also uses 3 types of decreases to make the pattern shine.  Try it with just one after...

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Day 29 A Year in Stitches
Today's stitches will be Openwork Diamonds and Diamonds Block Openwork Diamonds This is a very old lace and there are many variations.  This version is common. Multiple of 8 + 1 R1: (WS) and all other wrong side rows - P R2: k1, * k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk...
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