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My mother used to make braciola often when I was growing up at home. More notiably, we had it for Easter, along with an over-abundance of biscotti of every known kind. For Italians, the two greatest joys are family coming together and eating home cooked food. Is it any wonder when my Linguine gene kicked in that I should become totally aware of my love for food?

This isn't my mother's recipe, but a good one for any who are not familiar with the food. Mangiare bene!

#foodporn #italiancooking #braciola #recipe #easterrecipes  
Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Braciole recipe from Giada De Laurentiis.
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Oh, yes, I get your meaning. True! It wouldn't have hurt to add the phonetics above. :D

On my point, it is worth noting that where I came from, my mother's home town of Furci Siculo, and my father's, Santa Teresa, the language used in their time growing up there was not Italian. As years past they found it difficult to converse with relatives still living over there because Italy was successful in pressuring for a unified tongue. When I really get confused, or confuse someone, is when the word I know in Sicilian is not even close to the proper Italian word. Eh, when it comes to food, you don't have to be right on for an Italian to know what you meant. ;)
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Pulse-jet Vehicles

Those of us with some time on our chassis would easily associate the term 'pulse-jet' with the "Buzz Bomb" (V-1) of World War II. Since then, pulse-jets have been considered (and utilized) in both commercial and military applications.  Would you consider a pulse-jet powered skateboard? How about a bicycle? No? Then take a look at this...

#pulsejet #pulsejettech #geek #geekstuff #mythbusters  
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Very dangerous indeed.
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Attention: Authors/Novelists

Currently I am reading a Science Fiction novel that does well in grabbing my attention with an interesting story line. However, I have one major peeve with it, one that ranks right up there with having to listen to someone extensively uptalking: contiguous use of introductory elements in sentences. More than once I have put this novel down and let time pass before making another attempt at it. For those who don't know what I mean, here is a paragraph that illustrates:

Carefull of the wires running across the path, John timidly stepped forward. Aware that time was running out, he forced himself to be calm as he preceded along the treaterous path. Sighing with relief, the first stone step to the moument was only a few steps away. With one giant leap, John took to the air and landed on the second step, now clear of traps he had labored through. Wiping away the sweat, he pressed forward.

Seriously, how many contigous paragraphs of this can you handle before you start thinking like Master Yoda?

I wallow in my ineptitude as a writer, but even I know better than to construct a story in this manner. Despite the insanity, I will finish this novel and use introductory elements less frequently than ever before. A little sugar goes a long way. I am beyond sugar shock in reading this novel.

rant over

#writingadvice #writingstyles #introductoryelementsinwriting #fail #authors #writers  
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+bek de la cruize  I will be the first to admit I often create awkward statements, pretty much break the bank on every known abuse. I try not to. One of my weaknesses is not being able to be satisfied with anything I compose. In this author's case, the abuse was sporadic. All of a sudden, paragraphs would appear that were direct and well written. It was as if two people were taking turns writing the novel.

By the way, I have been watching you with a stormy blue-grey gaze. Just wanted you to know. ;)
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"Mother" Jones' famous words:

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

She encouraged her "boys" to bring books to their strikes; read to strengthen their minds for what lie ahead. She understood that the means to fighting ignorance was through education and enlightenment, that and her brand of won't-quit bravery.

Read a book. Read as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

Thanks to +bek de la cruize for sharing this.

#readingisfundamental #readabook #fightignorance #motherjones  
Because +Paul Bucalo has been posting much stuff on reading lately :D And +Joshua Davidson you might like it too :)
RELATED COMIC: Books Are Awesome by Carl Sagan Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1837-1930) was an activist and union organiser who led strikes and helped establish reforms for miners throughout America ...
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The NYC event for April has come and gone, but take heart New Yorkers (down-under), it will return again next month. Now this is partying, of the intellectual kind. ;)

The Silent Reading Party can be found at their Facebook page:

#bookreadingparties #readingisfun #readingisfundamental #readingiscool #booklovers  
Looking for a party idea but hate all that noise? Why not try a silent reading party like this one in NYC.
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Paul Bucalo

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Some bat-auto history here. Looks like Bruce keeps his development team busy.

#batman #batmobile Batman through the years!
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I know, Denise. I was being facetious. :)
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Have him in circles
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Watch CrazyRussianHacker show you how to separate egg yolks from the whites, how to shell a hard boiled egg the easy way, and other 8 other experiments. I enjoyed the Russian more than the experiments.

#scienceexperiments #crazyrussianhacker  
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Paul Bucalo

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Happy Birthday +George Takei!

Thank you for being who you are.

via +A. David 
Happy Birthday, George Takei! 
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Agreed. He's an intelligent man who sees the bigger picture.
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A clock that delivers 3 truffles per hour?

Take my money!

#ilovechocolate #chocoholic #chocolatetruffle #clocks #steampunk
The chocolate clock - Payard Patisserie - Caesar’s Palace
(The chocolate clock delivers 3 truffles every 15 minutes)
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Okay. But you promise to send me the leftover, right? Pinky promise?
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Happy Minion Bunny to all my friends. Enjoy the shakes this weekend. :)

via a private post from +Stephanie Bolling 

#minions #minionsrule 
Happy Easter to all plussers who celebrate! Have fun! :)
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Have him in circles
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Independent computer technician, aspiring writer, tinkerer, lover of Anime. I am both ancient and foolish.
I think.
I write.
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Eloquence's prose;
not a victory held by mine,
nor battle won in hard fought wars -
over there, not here,
somewhere else -- you know the place.
Can't describe it.
It just is.

Elusiveness justifies its absence,
yet it can be found, can be read,
maybe, if the time was then,
not now,
another yesterday remembering hope,
elevating flamboyance above
mainstream impatience,

It sung.
It flowed.
It danced to anyone's tune,
simultaneously, present in
everything, everywhere, until
consumed, we lived accordingly,
soared or swam, arrived late on purpose -
"when" never mattered, nor was heard from,
never invited or consumed.
Not needed.
As it should be.

The wind may still bring back,
shrouded in lace outdated,
delicate ambiance surrounded in perfume,
shaded in pastels long forgotten, but
once a member of our own. Maybe..
when eyes deglaze, look beyond screens of
glorified injustice, horrific deeds and
greed takes the train to Alaska...maybe.
Maybe if,


Occasionally, I find myself before my keyboard, my mind somehow disconnected from daily mundaneness, sparked into a plane I only dream of, where what is deep inside comes forth and explains itself in stories made to amuse and teach. In those moments I see genius that can't possibly be, a sage existence that belies the values my real world has placed upon me. In those precious moments of primeval magnificence, I transmogrify into --- a writer! It's an awe inspiring accident.
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