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Alan Sneath
Ingress Agent ID: McWibble
Ingress Agent ID: McWibble

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So, comment limit reached on the original post 🙄
The day is here - 730 of the Sojourner medal!. The significance of this number means Agents that have obtained it, have hacked every day, for two years! Post your screenshots of obtaining 730 days in the comments and you'll be rewarded with a special code after it is verified. To keep the comments clean, any off-topic posts may be deleted.

#730Club #sojouner 

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Looks like I have a flatmate now. Meet Oreo 😻

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Figured it's about time I share my photos from Rome. Be sure to check out the photospheres!

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Ooh, an indication of things to come perhaps?

Create New Portal Potential Future

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First Brexit, now an orange garbage can has been elected US president...

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The Third Faction

After extensive investigations from several UK Enlightened parties, the following information has been uncovered regarding the spate of spoofers within the UK. Many suspected the names of those behind these accounts but without proof were unable to act. Recently, we were contacted by a fellow ENL agent who had managed to gain access into the spoofer group thanks to being invited by a friend. They started to acquire evidence but sadly put their trust in the wrong agent. They were still able to obtain a lot of damning evidence, some of which we are still sorting through.

We have received copies from another source of the scripts these spoofers use to move around and farm kit, which have been passed directly onto Niantic along with the set up instructions they had posted in slack.

Screenshots have been censored to protect innocent parties and to make it a little more family friendly than the spoofer chat appears to be.

Investigations will continue to confirm the identity of the other spoofers in the group.

Communities will be reviewing the evidence presented over the coming days to decide on the actions they deem appropriate to deal with the agents identified.

Chris Clifton (@chriscuk)
Spoofer Accounts - Nathanspellz, greengobbling, dramalllllama, jeepseye, playahcrusher, maxw3llshouse

After specific agents were targeted by the wilmasnuff account, Ady approached Chris to request to see the list of people who had access to his guardian hunter spreadsheet. It had become obvious that the person behind the spoofer account had access to this spreadsheet as long term portals were being targeted around the time the spreadsheet was updated.
Chris_Clifton_Evidence_1 and 2 are screenshots showing the conversation Ady had with Chris. Chris_Clifton_Evidence_3 to 6 show the spoofer account Nathanspellz talking to the spoofer group about the conversation he's had with Ady, Chris_Clifton_Evidence_7 is a conversation between the ‘mole’ and the person who invited him into the group.
After Nathanspellz discovered they were about to be outed, Chris stepped up the trolling before quitting several hangouts, he then announced over the weekend that he was quitting the game.

Jim Clark- (@JimTB)
Slack name: Smuntkiller - Spoofer Accounts - pokelima001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006

Spoofer account Smuntkiller posted a screenshot of a conversation he had with another enlightened agent, we were able to determine who this conversation took place with and confirmed that it was JimTB. Smuntkiller also made mention of the fact he is a police officer which also correlates to JimTB.
JimClark_Evidence_1 shows the screenshot posted into the spoofer group by smuntkiller, JimClark_Ev_2 shows the other side of the conversation naming Jim. JimClark_Evidence_3 shows smuntkiller discussing taking out Knutsford while on nightshift (an area JIm is known to play in while at work) JimClark_Evidence_4 shows smuntkiller discussing being ‘the filth’ (a term for the police)

Daniel Bartlett (@danbuk)
Spoofer Accounts - (suspected) Green4Lemon, blue4lemon

Spoofer JSmith posted a screenshot into the spoofer group which we have determined to come from a specific discussion relating to the north sea. JSmith also posted a picture during the Cologne anomaly indicating that he was at a recharge room. By zooming in on the picture, the menu can be seen to be from Camden. The Camden recharge room list was obtained and compared to the members of the discussion in the screenshot. The only name that was in both, was DanbUK. Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_1 shows the screenshot posted into the spoofer group. Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_2 shows the picture sent to the spoofer group during the recharging.

Additionally, examining further photographs from the recharge room, DanbUK can be seen in control of a scanner attacking a portal, with attack percentages visible. The portals at the Camden recharge room and in the immediate vicinity were held by Enlightened throughout the day, and the dual carriageway visible in the image Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_3 is not a feature of the area - see Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_4. A likely portal in the Cologne anomaly site was identified (,6.943931&z=17&pll=50.935932,6.943931) which had the right geographical characteristics and which was attacked by green4lemon - see the image of the portal location in Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_5.

Daniel_Bartlett_Evidence_6 has been provided solely to show that these players are factionless and are intent on disrupting play for enlightened agents too.

DobbyDoo (@Dobbydoo)
Slack Name - Nandosandbeer, Spoofer Accounts - themanmonkey, davetheblue, unclespellz

Dobby was our moles way into the spoofer group. Unfortunately despite knowing the game was up, he chose to side with Nathanspellz and the other spoofers. The evidence against Dobby is his self confession to our mole and the fact he was able to grant access to the spoofer group for our mole.

DobbyDoo_Evidence_1 shows Dobby and the mole discussing autoingress and the kit farming. DobbyDoo_Evidence_2 shows the conversation between Dobby and the mole after they had been uncovered.

Fenris Wolf (@clockworktiger)
Spoofer Accounts - Wilmasnuff and potentially others

Our mole contacted Fenris and discussed his plan as he trusted Fenris as a friend. Our mole was subsequently kicked from the spoofer group as Fenris had alerted Nathanspellz to the fact there was a mole in the group.
I think we shall let the screenshots speak for themselves. This conversation took place after our mole had been kicked from the group. NathanSpellz_Evidence_1 to 6 show the conversation Nathanspellz tried to have with our mole once he found out, Trying to bargain and use the moles previous friendship with Fenris to attempt a guilt trip. Fenris_Wolf_Evidence_1 shows our mole confronting Fenris with a message from Nathan and Fenris admitting that he knew.
After Fenris knew that they were going to be outed, he quit Project V saying that the continual allegations being made against him tainted things he was involved with.

Additional Information

Screenshots Additional_Evidence_1 and 2 show a spreadsheet linking spoofer accounts. This is not a complete list and is believed to be those taking part in some kind of internal competition

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So, as most people will know by this time, I've now got an #Ingress   tattoo :-D  I did spend most of the time at the ViaLux anomaly in Birmingham showing it off to anyone who would pay even the slightest bit of attention to me (and even some who wouldn't)!  To answer any questions: yes, it is real; no, it doesn't wash off :-)

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The UK falls further down the toilet thanks to Brexit, all of which was warned well in advance.

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