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word warper and family gravedigger
word warper and family gravedigger


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This is a test.

I haven't posted here in two years, but I am curious how many of the people who have me in their circles actually keep up with their G+ feed. And whether there are people following me here who aren't on Facebook. 

Feel free to leave comments in addition to responding to the poll

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I follow you on Facebook AND Google+
You are only in my G+ Circles - NOT FB
I check my G+ feed very rarely
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Does anyone know what the age requirement was to witness a naturalization in 1900? I have found transcriptions of two naturalization records that only identify the witness by the first initial and surname. Assuming the initial is transcribed correctly, there are two possibilities in my family tree (a very rare surname), and one of them would only have been 17. The other spelled their surname differently, but that could have been transcribed incorrectly as well.

Cruvant/Kruvant 1880-
Blatt 1880-
Feinstein 1890-
Newmark 1908-
Oberman 1890-

Share your surnames here, and mention for what time periods they have resided in St. Louis.

If you are willing to take photographs in cemeteries, conduct research at local archives, etc, feel free to offer your services here, provide a means to contact you, mention whether or not there will be a fee, etc.

Don't repost daily. Those seeking help can scroll down. Monthly reposting should be fine. I can revise that up or down upon group consensus.

When making a request, be as specific as possible regarding names, dates, and records. Whether or not requests will be fulfilled will depend a lot on who joins the community. Personally, I have access to several online databases through my St. Louis County Library membership, but I am unable to get to the library for microfilm research very often.

Please feel free to discuss anything related to St. Louis Genealogical Research in this category. 

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If you live in the US and are of Voting age...Tuesday November 6...Vote.

Back in 2008 we had the highest turnout since 1968, but it was still only 57%. It would be nice to get it back over 60% where it was in the 1960s.  (The turnout in non-Presidential elections is even more depressing.)
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The message in this article isn't limited to the UK and Europe
"A tide of Islamophobia has swept Europe for many years, and – shamefully – all too few have taken a stand." Owen Jones writes about bigotry and hatred in the UK against Muslims - and why more of us need to stand up to it. 
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