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Do you know an Addon which can move all linked libraries and their own texture files in the same folder as the current blender file? (Pack function is useless since it doesn t work recursively)

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We are pleased to share with you the teaser of "9 chemin des gauchoirs", our new short film done with blender. All blender ressources will be available at the end of the project, and even earlier for our backers! Yes, we are starting a kickstarter campaign today, you'll find a ton of informations on this page :

No more bla bla.. the teaser is there :

#b3d   #blender3d   #vray  

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Un logiciel très prometteur de dessin numérique open source. A tester et à aider.
Almost, almost 9000 euros in our campaign... 6000 to go. It's exciting! Lots of bug fixes and new features getting into Krita at the same time, too! Like, multi-layer selection in the layerbox!

Here's today's kickstarter update:

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refraction weirdness with cycles. I've set a very basic scene with cycles and vray. A basic refractive only material, with a ior of 1.55. Vray refraction seems a lot "richer". I don't get why. Any clue? (glass from Thomas Sanjurjo, he seems to have the same result in Yafaray) #b3d #blender3d

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Vanilla Seed wishes you a happy new year!
Discover our new animated greetings card done with Blender and Vray :

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Un film très bien réalisé. Oui, c'est pathos, mais l'idée transcende le sujet. Très très chouette.

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I Loved it
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