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Matthew Zaroff
Vision without execution is hallucination.
Vision without execution is hallucination.

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Looking for late night grub but don't want fast food. Any suggestions?
Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California

Google+ now has games. Great, now there's more time from my day that's lost...

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Go Dodgers!

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This is great. Had to re-post..
If you love the Beastie Boys… or Sesame Street… you’ll enjoy this video. If you love them both, then this will be the best thing you see all week. Thanks to for the link!

Hey Google, It would be nice to have a feature that can tell me which of my circle contacts are near by, based on check ins.

Suggestion for you Google Folks - Allow us to to add Circles to Circles. Would be a lot easier than having to go through each member of several Circles and add them to a new Circle.
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