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This is a my "Commentors" circle - those folks who have actively participated in multiple conversations spanning many different topics. Their comments have each provided unique perspective and insight, moving discussions forward. Some of them haven't even posted before - but that doesn't mean they are not active on G+. If you'd like to have active conversations in your post, you might want to include these individuals.

As a side note, this is actually my first public share of a circle. I just found that interesting. I have shared circles privately before but never publicly.
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Thanks very much for including me, +David Moore. I do appreciate it. Engagement on Google+ takes many forms, and good comments are certainly one of the big ones.
Thanks for the share! I always love finding more people to talk to :)
Sure hope not +Aric Aasgaard - I try and curate folks in specialized circles pretty carefully.
I can get quite engaging,,,,, (fires up his boosters)
I tend to not just comment, I like to get involved in multiple reply conversations and debates. Looking forward to going through everyone in the circle. Just wish G+ had a better mechanism for looking through users comments on public posts, which would make judging how active people are. Maybe they will enact something eventually if enough people complain. I've been complaining about it since I joined G+!
Conversations are definitely the way to go +Cod Codliness. It is possible to see individuals comment activity... sort-of. If you do a search for an individual in the search box up above, you can see not only their core posts, but also what posts they have participated on within the comments. Difficult to ascertain sometimes for more common names, but with less common names you can usually see a broader spectrum view of their interactions.
The search only appears to show up original posts made by the person you are searching on, not comments they have made on other people's posts.

Topsy seems to have picked up their game in the last day - it added in nearly 300 comments for my profile since yesterday, although it is still missing a bunch from before 2 days ago.

Just need to replace the number with the number of the profile you are looking at. Although it still seems slower to update for some users - for example it's only listing posts up to 2 days ago for your profile. Don't quite understand why.
Haven't heard of topsy before... I may have to check it out.

I just checked... A search does show up posts you make comments on - you just need to ensure you use the search string only:

The first entry shows a post you have commented on - not one of your originals. Like the Google instant search, the search box will drop down suggestions... Make sure you don't select the name in the drop down and you should be good to go.
Oh yeah, so it does. It's pretty much automatic to use the drop down suggestions, didn't think of ignoring it. That hardly seems intuitive! Thanks for letting me know that +David Moore :)
Definitely not intuitive. I agree that there should be a much better way of seeing how someone engages. It is a sub-optimal solution to be sure, but it works... sort-of.
+David Moore at the risk of being typecasted I thought I would comment to show appreciation for being in your first public circle and h/t to +CircleCount for letting me know I was in this circle!
Hehe - no worries +Michael Beckett - and I really doubt that folks would end up type-casting you. Biggest risk is folks just creating a commentors circle and putting you in there. Hopefully, it'll still promote additional sharing. I know when I have generics to share, I'll either share to public, or a subset of my special circles (commentors, amplifiers, fascinating folks of the 21st century, etc.)
Honored to be included ;)
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