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Embrace Failure
I have done a number of talks over the last couple of years on innovation. There are quite a few fundamental concepts associated with successful innovation - but one significant one is risk taking and the willingness (obligation?) to fail.  This rather lengthy article is a great glimpse into Google X, an arm of Google that is into crazy.  Here is an excerpt from the second paragraph I found to summarize Google's gritty approach:

There happens to be a slack line--a low tightrope--slung between trees outside the Google X offices. After the meeting, the three men walked outside, took off their shoes, and gave the line a go for 20 minutes. Pichette is quite good at walking back and forth; Brin slightly less so; Teller not at all. But they all took turns balancing on the rope, falling frequently, and getting back on. The slack line is groin-high. "It looked like a fail video from YouTube," Teller says. And that's really his message here. "When these guys are willing to fall, groan, and get up--and they're in their socks?" He leans back and pauses, as if to say: This is the essence of Google X. When the leadership can fail in full view, "then it gives everyone permission to be more like that."

We have an amazing company and fantastic leadership. Just the fact that +Patrick Pichette, +Sergey Brin, and +Astro Teller  - CFO, Founder, Moonshoter - are willing to get out there and give it a go is significant.

Don't be afraid - try something new! Push your boundaries and change the world (even your own little corner of it)
Space elevators, teleportation, hoverboards, and driverless cars: The top-secret Google X innovation lab opens up about what it does--and how it...
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David Moore

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+Google Glass Around the World
+Trey Ratcliff is a fantastic photographer (you've probably seen some of his images in the stream and on Chromecast if you have that.)  This is a great picture, but interestingly enough his story drew me in more than the actual image!
Exploring the world with +Google Glass

Just recently, I met this gentleman in the wilds beyond the desert. He was so curious and interested in Glass. Absolutely transfixed, he asked me everything about it, then tried it on and played and played and played!  He loved it!  

First I had him go through the same demo I give everyone.  I have them say, "Okay Glass, Take a picture" — it understands pretty much every accent around the world as far as I can tell. This always makes people freak out with excitement when they see the photo they just took floating as a hologram in front of their eyes.  

Then he started using it more and more, going through all my emails, watching videos, seeing my text messages, asking Google questions, checking weather... I mean it just went on and on and on... and then he started showing all his friends and telling them about it — he was so excited.  Naturally, he was happy for me to take his photo while he was playing!

We ended up talking about a bunch of different things.  I even bought an old used knife from him, and he showed me how to stick the curved end of it into a camel's hump to get water in an emergency.  There's another part of the knife you use to seal up the little puncture wound.  Then we talked about mediation, the sealing of the four cardinal spiritual doors in the night before entering the tent, different cultures around the world, and well, about a dozen other things.  Anyway, it was great... 

(btw after posting this, haha - I see that G+ automatically tagged it with Selfie!)
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Rob Go
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David Moore

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Auto Hoffsome
Really enjoyed all the +David Hasselhoff photo bombs today. Looks like he was at the plex today hanging with the big guys. I do have to say that +Sergey Brin taking a selfie with +Google Glass looks a little strange. I suppose that is a downside of glass... Or perhaps an upside! Any way you slice it, it'd be hilarious if Hasselhoff photo bombed his own pic with Brin... Just saying.
What an amazing day! Thanks to everyone at Google for making this an amazing April fools! Hope you guys had fun!
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Not sure +Chad W Darroch but I have a feeling we all know what the fox would say...
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It's only just begun
Happy first day of April folks!  Google's unofficial biggest holiday of the year!  I'm going hunting!
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It's April 1st somewhere +Sebastian Pilant, +Jimmy White, and +Hapa - Just as +Jim Grayson said.

I think Nintendo would be a big pill for even Google to swallow +Emiliano Nahuel Cecchi!
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David Moore

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Linux Master
OK, maybe not master - but definitely some good stuff on the list. Get a good handle on these and you'll be able to do a whole heap o' stuff in Linux. Figure out how to wrap it in bash, ksh, or some other scripting language and you'll be a mean motor-scooter!

h/t +Nixie Pixel 
Linux commands cheat sheet ..will keep adding
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David Moore

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Practice makes perfect
Been working on some of my biking moves...
That's impressive. 
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You get slightly more bounce this way +Jim Preston! Highly recommend.
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David Moore

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+David Hasselhoff spotted in lil' ol' Nebraska at the park!  Go figure!
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Hoff off the press!
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David Moore

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Everything is awesome!
OK, maybe not everything, but this is heck-a-cool!
Change your past; charge your future! Back to the Future Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger:
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+Madaline Eblen I want. :)
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David Moore

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Coffee Lovers
Not a big Coffee fan myself, but this appears to be yet another reason to move to KC if you do love yourself some java!
Today, we launched our Coffee to the Home (CTTH) program for Kansas City residents. We're delivering made-to-order coffee drinks straight to our users at fiber speeds—through the same fiber jack that delivers 100 times faster Internet. Want to be a beta tester? Sign up now:
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David Moore

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New Commute Vehicle
I'm taking this to work from now on...
Hirobo’s Futuristic One-Man Electric Helicopter

Click the link below to view the full video...
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Absolutely +Kent Smotherman! At least 1 leg of the commute will be AWESOME!!!
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