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Google, Data Center Operations

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Ramp Buddy
Ford Tri-Motor taxing for takeoff just as I'm exiting the runway at KMLE. Beautiful airplane and in amazing shape! Purred like a kitten on the taxiway and roared like a lion on takeoff.
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Slammin' and Jammin'
Been forever since I've posted...  This is pretty awesome. Mr. Raghav Drummer has some mad skills!

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Gotta get me a bottle!
Haven't seen something like this before. Separated some eggs tonight and it was truly a PITA. I think I have a different way to try now!

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Contagious laughter
Watched this video earlier today and I'm still smiling! I don't understand french but the joy the young lady is feeling jumps out and grabs you!

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Lady Launcher
Sally Ride - America's first woman in space! Turns out, she is one heck of a physics teacher as well - She prof'd one of my physics classes at University of California, San Diego!

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Inner workings of a lock
Love the use of a cross section here to illustrate how a key works with a lock.The horizontal alignment of the pin cross sections is quite interesting!

h/t +Jeremy Mitchell 

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Wonder of Flying
It's amazing seeing things through a child's eyes. I hearken back to my earlier years when I went for a flight with my Uncle starting a life long journey - learning to fly. Just seeing the transformation Lainey goes through during this video makes me want to get up into the sky again!

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Seek the Grail
Monty Python like you've never seen it before! A quest for the ages!
This is God's damned gold. +Jason Weber​ Monty Python even you can love.

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Flying over the islands
I've decided I'm ready to go flying in Maui and with this flight instructor! Amazing scenery!

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TFR violations - An Invitation to Formation Flying
Audio with transcription on a Temporary Flight Restriction violation by a private pilot last month. Reinforces the urgency associated with ensuring you are up to speed on 'all information relevant to your flight.'
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