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As we consider testing TVs for sound quality, step 1 is a poll.
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David, great to connect with you on here!

Personally I do use the TV speakers for relatively unimportant content like news and a few casual programs. If it's something I care about, I'll switch the amp on and go with the higher power consumption.
Hey David, likewise! You do great work. 

Myself, I have everything set up on a Harmony remote and it's actually more effort to use the TV's speakers than use the default config with the receiver+speakers. IMO it's all about ease of use to most people, and even casual/talky stuff benefits from better sound.

Judging from the poll though plenty of people do use the speakers so we'll probably end up testing them next year.

Take care.
We get the same requests - "why don't you test speakers" - and my response is usually that they're "serviceable" at best. Granted though there are some displays which manage to sound a little less boxy than others.

I'll be really interested to see what you do if it goes ahead.
At the moment I'm thinking subjective tests with the same material--dialogue, music and a high dynamic range movie--since we don't have any objective audio measuring equipment beyond an SPL meter. Unfortunately with audio, side-by-side (simultaneous) testing/comparison is impossible, but I'd at least want to flip back and forth to compare the tested TV's audio and some kind of reference.
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