'SMS Rage Faces - 1300+ Faces' Is Now THE #1 FREE iPhone ENTERTAINMENT APP!

★★★ 1300+ Unique Rage Faces ★★★
★★★ 140+ Camera Booth Objects ★★★

Why pay for something that should be FREE? SMS Rage Faces is the most frequently updated rage face app with the BIGGEST collection...FREE!

Get your SMS Rage Faces straight from the source, weeks before our competitors!

Don't be fooled by other apps that wait for our updates to get their new faces.

Tired of sending boring text messages? With SMS Rage Faces you can easily add hilarious faces to your messages!

✔ Easy to use! Tap the face you want, Hit the SMS Button, Paste the face into your message!
✔ Add your most used faces to the favorite category for easy access.
✔ Save rage faces to your photo album with one tap!
✔ Zoom in to get a detailed look at the faces using the pinch gesture.
✔ Customize & Share your pictures with the most popular rage faces in our Camera Booth!
✔ New faces will have a 'NEW' label to help you keep track of what's been added! Switch to toggle displaying the label can be found on the info page.
✔ All images have been optimized for retina display and to perfectly fit into your SMS bubbles.
** iPhone 3G Users **
- The iPhone 3G does not allow images to be pasted into your SMS however they will still work with your Email!

** iPod Touch Users **
- Many applications do not allow images to be pasted in them. Sorry for the inconvenience, however for these apps you can save our rage faces to your photo library and import them to send!
- iMessage allows images to be pasted in your messages! Update your iPod Touch to iOS 5.0 if you haven't already!
- WhatsApp also allows images to be pasted!

** All Users **
- Messages that can't be sent as an iMessage will be sent as an MMS.
- Images are sent as PNG files.
▶ Are we missing your favorite face? Click the info button and let us know via email!

▶ Thank you for the support, your 5 star reviews keep the updates coming!

© 2011 Robert Lemoine
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