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Playing the "Old Dwarven Mine" as a sorta side adventure in the Morgansfort campaign, my players had a LOT of fun figuring out the automaton. When they realized it was voice-operated, they literally jumped out of their seat in excitement.

The next encounters should be fun. BTW, sleep spell against a bunch of goblins is extremely effective...

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What do you all think of the idea of writing up a world for adventuring, without any adventure modules per se? Just a book describing a world, a setting, its races, deities, any modifications/additions to character classes and races. Give a DM all the information needed to write up their own adventure, taking into consideration the overarching plot of that world.

Do you think that would be usable? 

That moment when you have a great idea for a campaign world, and you realize it's far more encompassing and vast than you'll probably ever be able to play...

I'm writing notes, regardless. ;-)

I suppose the answer is yes, but can I easily swap game material between Basic Fantasy and Iron Falcon? What other biggies should I look at besides AC?

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Love this idea! I'm gonna try to build a wooden three-panel screen anyway (already bought the materials), but this looks great and it's easy on the budget.

Tip for USA gamers: I print my character sheets at Office Depot. You can print them on 110 lb. white cardboard (which sounds ominous but it's actually like a really thick paper) for 17 cents each (plus tax, of course). I just printed 20 sheets for $3.68 -- not bad for something that will be used over and over.

The cardboard medium keeps the character records nice and tidy, and I gotta add, makes the game look more "pro", if you get what I mean. Also it's easier for the players to hold up the sheets and look at them.

It also allows players to write notes in the back without messing up the front part of the sheet.

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Based on the suggestions received, I've made a brand-new version of the BFRPG character sheet, I think this one has everything. It's also has kind of built in modules: A character information area, a combat area, and the rest is skills, inventory, etc.

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Made a new version of my character sheet. This one has two pages, the second one just for notes. I was able to find the original D&D font, so I'm using that, too. I hope you all like it, let me know if you think I should make any changes.

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Inspired by Stephen Dobson, I went ahead and created a character sheet for BFRPG, my first one! Hopefully I didn't miss anything... Let me know what you all think!
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