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Today 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
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People talk about hair removal, eyebrow threading, manicure and pedicure, upper lip and skin rejuvenation
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Ana Nortis
reviewed 7 months ago
I went there for Microderma, I hated it hated it hated it. Worse service. I tried their massage it was worse experience to my lifetime. They don't have any customer service, their product sucks and they don't have experieced people to do the service. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Michelle Depaz's profile photo
Michelle Depaz
reviewed 9 months ago
I had a horrible, horrible experience with this location. I wish there was a way to give no stars. I actually purchased two groupons for this location. The first was the shallac mani and the pedi. Like the reviewer below me it took multiple calls to finally make an appointment, I called on different days and on different hours. Even when I left messages to make an appointment they were NEVER returned and have still never been returned. I also had a facial done at this location, the facial was okay, it was probably one of the worst facials I have ever had, my face actually didn't feel that clean when finished as most do. However the one fair comments I do have to say is that the staff was friendly for the first two hours while I was at this location. The same person who did my facial ended up doing my pedicure, and another woman painted my toes and did my shellac mani. This was the WORST nail work I have ever seen. She applied shellac so the paint stayed, and the workman ship looked like my boyfriend or an 8 year old child had painted it. It was a light pink color so great care must be taken to get this color to apprea correctly. I had actually asked for a french and offered to pay the additional 7 dollar but she kept asking if I wanted a color so her uncertaininty about the french made me instantly want one solid color. Normally nail salons are pushing for the upsell. Not here. Another thing was that I was in a skirt and in the pedicure chair they didn't even offer a towel to cover my lap. I have reason to believe that the way this shop opperated they may not be licensed. As I was waiting for my nails to dry I noticed that the woman who painted my toes and hands (poorly at that) started putting my shoe back on. I had asked her to wait and she insisted that my toes were dry. Upon getting home and taking my shoes off my toes were ruined and my nails were a joke I was almost in tears at how horrible it all turned out especially since I had a wedding coming up. Thankfully I was able to get everything redone before the wedding which was two days after my horrible experience. I highly highly reccoment to not get you nails done here. There is not attention place on shaping the toe nails, I had to ask multiple time for her to shape them. Also, When I was getting my nails done I did notice there was someone who was on the phone the entire time I was getting my nails done, maybe thats why the no one ever answers... My experience again only speaks on the facial and manicure and pedicure. Please save your money and do not come to this location. I wish someone would have told me. I did purchase a groupon so I have since my experience emailed both the company and groupon about my experience. I did hear back from groupon however I never heard back from the copany even two weeks later... typical.
• • •
Caitlyn Tracy's profile photo
Caitlyn Tracy
reviewed 9 months ago
I bought a groupon at the beginning of the summer for a shelac mani and pedi. I finally got around to getting the service done. When I walked in the place was really quiet and empty expect for the receptionist. I told her I had made an appt for a mani/pedi and she took me back to the massage chairs. I had to wait 5 minutes for another employee to come and very slowly but meticulously clean, file and paint my toe nails. The employee barely said 2 words the whole thing. Finished the pedi and was silently escorted to the mani side. The employee realized I had shelac on, walked away to get the receptionist to tell me there was a $10 fee to take off the shelac I already had on and was not covered by the groupon. I reluctantly agree. The receptionist then grabs a bowl, put alcohol in it, directed me to place my fingers in said 10 minutes them walked away! I qas left for more then 10 minutes in the empty spa waiting for someone to finish my nails. The receptionist walks back and continues the mani. I ask for a french shelac. She agrees and begins the process. After she completes the meticulous process of evenly lining the white tips she messes them when she moves to the next finger. When she goes to apply the last layer I mention that the white tips look rippled ans pealing. She brushes the comment off and says the next layer will fix it! By this time I'm pretty frustrated. Needless to say I would not recommend this spa if you want your nails done. Go somewhere else.
• • •
Courtne Coates's profile photo
Courtne Coates
reviewed 9 months ago
Horrible experience! Do not go here! I also purchased a Groupon but for the mani/pedi option. I called to make an appointment for my mom and I, but they could not take two people at the same time during the week. Come to find out, they only have one technician working. (I've never been to a "spa" or nail salon that only has one technician working). I tried a couple weeks later to call in and try again to make an appointment....I called 7 times throughout 3 days and was never able to get anyone on the phone. I decided to just go there and to a walk-in. When I arrive the place was empty. The receptionist asked if I had an appointment, and since I didn't they could not take me. I offered to wait, but they still could not take me. Since I was there and couldn't be seen (on a Thursday at 4:30) I thought I'd try and make an appointment (since I couldn't get anyone on the phone). She said she didn't have any availabilities prior to the Groupon expiration so she "didn't know what I wanted her to do". Unbelievable!!! Since when does an empty "spa" turn business away. I have purchased Groupons before and have never had an issue not being able to use them. Their customer service was terrible.
• • •
Julie Palmer's profile photo
Julie Palmer
reviewed 9 months ago
I made the mistake of getting this on groupon for the 3 facials or mini diamond dermabrasions for $99. So this is review 1 of 3 I called to make my initial appointment. A lady picked up and I told her that I bought a groupon and asked to make an appointment and she said ok. I asked her what type of facials do they offer and if they customized it to the person's skin. She said "yes". We set the date but she didn't even ask for any information from me, she just went silent. I said, "hello...helllloooo?...." Then she responded with, "yeah, what do you want?" I was so shocked but kept my cool. I asked her if that was it and she said "yes, you have your appointment already" Then we hung up. It was a horrible first impression. I walked in and the place was huge but incredibly empty. The reception desk in right in front of the door and to the left there were at least 6 salon chairs and mani/pedi stations. To the right were shelves of products and a hallway of maybe 8 rooms. There were 2 ladies getting their eyebrows threaded and those were the only other customers I saw and only 3 employees. The boy at the reception desk looked like he was one of the other employee's son: he was playing a computer game. They didn't take any information from me at all: no name, phone number, medical info, etc. One of the ladies took me into a room that looked like your typical spa room. She said I could leave on my clothes or change into their towel. So I changed because I didn't want to get stuff on my top. I got onto the table and covered myself with the rough blanket they provided. She came back and washed my face and removed my makeup and told me that my esthetician would be right in. Another lady walks in an asks me if I ever had a diamond dermabrasion before. I said no. She said that she would use this diamond encrusted tip attached to a vacuum and it would take off the top layer of my skin to reveal new skin. I asked her how long the facial was and she said 30 minutes. So we got started... The lady did it incredibly fast, like she was in a rush. She did my face in what seemed like 5 minutes. I had never had one done before so I don't really know what to compare it to. She tugged my skin and quickly rubbed the tip in one swift motion. She did that all over my face. Once she was done, she put a gel on my face and two wet cotton pads over my eyes. She said that the mask needed to stay on for 10-15 minutes and that she would be right back. So she left the room. Well, I fell asleep and woke up when she came into the room. She cleaned my face and then put a lotion on and said she was all finished. I got dressed and looked at my was over an hour later! Holy cow this lady forgot about me! I walked to the front desk and saw that the two ladies were threading more eyebrows. The boy just kinda starred at me. I asked to make another appointment because I had bought 3. So he looked at his calendar and asked when I would like to come in. So we scheduled for a month later. I asked the lady if we could do a facial and she said "yes, what ever you want to do" So the boy put in the calendar "peel" next to my appointment. Just a note that when I called to make an appointment, this place never said their company or their individual names. Same goes for when I went in. I was never told anyone's name. No introductions at all. The experience wasn't personable.
• • •
Bob Harris
reviewed 5 months ago
one good frend referred me and I visited at last... to my surprise good services educating me on laser treatments is good... keep it up...