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You all know what today is? The 10th anniversary of the show's airing. We've made it a whole ten years and with a community like ours we can keep on flying for ten more.

Stay shiny! Firefly is trending; can't stop the signal!

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Sorry for the lack of news the past few days. Comicon was a busy time and access to Pages was limited.

The line for the Reunion panel was ridiculous. People lined up at 12:30 in the morning filled the initial 4,000 seats and by the time the sun was rising the lined had capped out at 20,000 people before the convention center even opened. So if you were awaiting the live stream, sorry, but there were complications.

Here's the whole thing, in case you missed it.

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Could this be the "big surprise" at the Firefly panel? They're making a 10-year-anniversary documentary about the show, to be aired on the Science channel along with a Firefly marathon.

Not quite the continuation of the series we all want, but it's something.

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Reminder for everyone: Signal permitting, there ought to be a livestream of the Firefly event at Comicon. I'll link to the Hangout once I get it configured. Everything should be in place, but there's no predicting what the conditions will be like inside. Signal strength varies based on time of day, location, etc. Check back here Friday for more information.

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The twists keep on coming as the days count down to Comicon 2012. Now Fox is promising unseen footage and "numerous buzz-worthy surprises". They've also announced that Tim Minear will be showing up.

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Joss Whedon has commented on the upcoming Firefly reunion at Comicon next weekend. Most of the article is stuff we already know (or that pertains to his work with Marvel) but the meat of it, and the bit you all care about, is this singular quote from the man himself:

“No matter how many years pass, I’ll never forget ‘Firebug.’ I can’t wait to sit once more with Washboard, KayMart, Rivet, the Hot Hooker from Homeland and Captain Kirk. Those guys are my family. Expect laughter, tears, faith-healing and Internet rumors about a sequel. To infinity, and prosper!”

Well, that's endearing, but it doesn't exactly give credence to the rumors that there's an announcement to be made. Again, nobody get their hopes up. Joss doesn't tend to play mindgames and he's not hinting at anything. Remain hopeful, keep sharing the joy with friends and family, and hope that some day we'll get what we want. But the chances of it happening at Comicon this year are diminishing.

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This custom PC case mod was on show at CES this year. Shiny!

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Hey everyone. Been quiet on this front for awhile. I don't feel compelled to report every bit of Whedon-related news here and Joss has been so busy with Avengers and all his other projects that there hasn't been anything major to announce.

Until now. There's going to be a cast and crew reunion at San Diego Comic-Con this yet in honor of the 10 year anniversary of the show. There's mention of a "future" for the series, but this could be anything from more comics to, well, let's not get our hopes up. Look forward to meeting you all there.

Oh, I'll look into setting up a Live Hangout if there's enough interest. Might pose some problems. There's no Page support on the mobile app yet. Definitely worth looking into.

Edit: Unfortunately, Jewel Staite has other obligations and won't be in San Diego at the time. Looks like she's the only one who can't make it, fortunately.

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Always remain hopeful. I know some of us have had doubts that a return of the show could be a disappointment, but Joss remains hopeful it can still happen.

Keep flying, stay shiny, and make sure to introduce as many people as you can.
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