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The Southeast Post has been distributed to East Orlando and Lake Nona. The online version is located here:

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Residents of East Orlando, can download a free app from East Orlando Deals, providing users with access to the best deals in the East Orlando area.
The app is the idea of Nermala and Suresh Hariprashad.
“As entrepreneurs, we are always trying to do something unique,” says Suresh, the app’s software developer.
The couple moved to the East Orlando area in 2004. They are optimistic in getting support from their neighbors to help them achieve the success they desire.
“There are many coupon apps available, but nothing that would benefit local residents and businesses,” says Suresh.
With the East Orlando Deals app, businesses can reach their target audience. It uses location-based software to alert users to the deals closest to them. Consumers will be able to visit their Web site, and contact the business directly from the app.
East Orlando Deals is a business that will depend on the community to prosper.
“By December, we expect to have at least a hundred businesses in the app. We expect to have from 800 to 1000 downloads,” says Suresh.
Nermala, president and CEO of the company, expects to sell the app to local businesses. She makes daily phone calls to businesses and attends events where she promotes East Orlando Deals.
“I do all the marketing. I go to networking events, and tell people about East Orlando Deals.” says Nermala.
East Orlando Deals is now offering businesses free advertising to demonstrate that the app will help them increase sales.
“The success of the app will also depend on getting branded businesses in the app,” says Suresh. “It will add credibility to the app.”
East Orlando Deals is available on Android devices and the iPhone. Nermala and Suresh plan to expand the app to West Orlando and Oviedo.
“If we continue to succeed in Florida, we can make this work in other states,” says Suresh.
As the business grows, and with the continued support of local businesses and residents, East Orlando Deals plan to give back to the East Orlando area.
“We will take some of the profit and give back to some charities,” says Suresh.
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Pediatric Emergency Center Opens at Florida Hospital East Orlando
Florida Hospital is excited to announce there’s a new, specialized emergency department designed exclusively for children in East Orlando. Florida Hospital East
Orlando has begun caring for its youngest patients in a new emergency center staffed by pediatric
specialists who are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children and their families.
Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the pediatric emergency center has 12 private rooms, and will offer access to highly specialized pediatric physicians via telemedicine.
Florida Hospital leaders opened the clinic to meet the needs of the young — and growing — communities in east Orange County, such as Waterford Lakes, Avalon Park and Stoneybrook East.
“Our hospital saw more than 15,000 pediatric patients last year,” said Mike Thompson, administrator and CEO of Florida Hospital East Orlando. “With the community continuing to grow, so does its need for a child-centric emergency center close to home.”
From ocean murals on the walls to pink fish on the floors, the colorful, aquatic theme of the unit and each of the rooms are designed to be soothing for children.
“The comforting environment at Florida Hospital East Orlando’s pediatric ED was designed from the ground up to be child-friendly, with playfully themed rooms and a team of physicians and nurses specially trained in pediatric care,” Thompson said.
But there are more than aesthetic differences in the children’s emergency center, which is a result of a collaboration with Florida Hospital for Children. The clinical team includes board-certified emergency physicians, nurses specially trained in pediatric care, and a dedicated children’s transport team. Child life specialists, a service unique to Florida Hospital for Children, help ensure each child’s emotional, developmental and psychosocial needs are being met using a variety of methods including games and arts and crafts.
“By offering a kid-friendly environment, a comprehensive and specialized team, and services catered to children and their family members, the pediatric emergency center at Florida Hospital East Orlando will decrease stress and anxiety for patients, while offering leading-edge care,” said Dr. Dennis Hernández, medical director of pediatric emergency services at Florida Hospital.
Last year, Eden Daniels was admitted to Florida Hospital for Children through FH East Orlando. She was diagnosed and treated for stage 4 neuroblastoma, and was declared cancer free in January 2015.
For media inquiries only, contact Florida Hospital Corporate Communications at 407-303-8217.
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Advertising Campaigns with community fundraising partners and causes are more successful!

We’ll advertise your charity event, promotion or partnership now in our November/December issue, then cover your event story and event highlights in our January issue
(This promotion is exclusive to this selection, there is very limited space!)  
All event advertisements must be received by Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.  Call for Details!  Mention: Holiday Goodwill and Cheer Section.) e-mail: 
877-552-2263 x119 mobile: 808-725-7749

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Wednesday November 11th 
Veterans Day Dinner with VIP Hour and Presentations 
Eastside Bistro, Avalon Park
6:00 p.m. VIP Hour 7:00 p.m. Dinner
12001 Avalon Lake Dr, Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 381-0096

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Wednesday November 11th 
Veterans Day Breakfast with special recognition and presentations on Women in The Military 
Blanchard Park YMCA Family Center
7:00 Registration 7:30 a.m. Program
10501 J. Blanchard Trail, Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 381-8000

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ADVERTISE your business in The Southeast Post - "Business Spotlight" includes your Business Logo, Headshot, Your Editorial Content and Advertisement on ½ page in The Southeast Post.

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