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Boon Sheridan
Sitting comfortably at the intersection of anti-social and mobile since 1971.
Sitting comfortably at the intersection of anti-social and mobile since 1971.

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Missing Bongos, Bass & Bob tonight. The animation is a pure bonus.

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Planning to be in, near or around Minneapolis next week? You should come hang out and catch the wave of smartypants shenanigans at the MIMA Summit. I can't even + list all the cool folks who will be there, it'd get too long. Also? Hell's Kitchen breakfast! Mmmm.

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If you've been to the Gorey House or seen a show of his works you'll have glimpsed the glorious images that adorned his letters. (All Gorey fans should thank his mother for saving all the letters he sent home from Harvard.) Now someone has collected and published another set worth digging into.

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Appropriate levels of energy for waking up? CHECK
Appropriate levels of 90's nostalgia? CHECK
Lingering crush on Angie Hart still intact? CHECK

I love die hard New Englanders, in the face of a storm many beachfront residents are staying put saying, "we've been here a long time." I'm waiting for the shot to the little old lady who says, "We outlasted the redcoats, we'll outlast a storm!"

In an unrelated note, anyone know how to get Fruit by the Foot stains out of fur? Particularly fur that is... well... not exactly holding still?

Storm prep note: Fruit By the Foot is NOT "a delicious alternative" to duct tape. It also appears to attract raccoons. This can't be good.

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I prefer this over the UB40 version by miles and miles. Also? LOVE the center art. (HINT: Add 45 Blog to your favorite RSS reader, you won't be disappointed.)

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Digging through my vinyl stacks today and realized I have no idea what happened to this little gem. I bought it the year it came out and had it through college but then it gets hazy. I have a sinking feeling it got left in the radio station one late night. Dang it. TO EBAY!

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Nice closing:

"Boredom should not be abused, exploited, ignored, sneered at, rejected or talked down to as a product of laziness or of an idle, uninventive and boring mind. It’s there to help, and its advice should be welcomed and acted upon."
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