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Californian’s $609,000 Check Shows True Retirement Cost

When psychiatrist Gertrudis Agcaoili retired last year from a state mental hospital in Napa, California, she took with her a $608,821 check for unused leave banked in a career that spanned three decades.

She wasn’t alone. More than 111,000 people who left jobs as employees of the 12 most populous U.S. states collected $711 million last year for unused vacation and other paid time off, according to payroll data on 1.4 million public workers compiled by Bloomberg.

America's Great Payroll Giveaway: a Six-Part Series

Part 1: In Race to Spend More, California Leads
Part 2: A Bidding War for Prison Psychiatrists
Part 3: Pension Funds Make Managers Rich
Part 4: Retirement Bonanzas
Monday: Top Paid Cops
Tuesday: Poorer Schools, Richer Pay
California employees accounted for 39 percent of that total. Since 2005, the state’s workers collected $1.4 billion for accumulated leave, calculated at their last pay rate, regardless of when the time was accrued. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls such payments “boat checks” because they can be large enough to buy yachts.

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Always amazes me how the Average Liberal will flee the policies that helped destroy the economy of the state they live in (See California), and move to a Red State...Where surprisingly there are jobs..

It never occurs to them that trying to vote for the same failed economics will get the same results... 

As the great Margaret Thatcher said... The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money
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Dale Smith

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Only took 25 years to figure out that Otters can swim
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