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I bet that one of you is planning to make (or actually making?) an RSS client. 

I thought I was the only one using the #reader  . I was wrong. Looks like everybody who valued their time used the reader. Why do all the good things have to die? 

Tip: Sign up for #feedly  , You will find see difference when Google Reader dies.

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I know you all have read this. But what is your opinion? has a free tier, now. But it requires an invite.

$: But hey, can you send me one?

Finally! Ruby 2.0 

Doctor who 7x2 has more logic for an arc. Only 52 species in a space-arc. Unlike the arc we know which had few thousand species in a ship times smaller than titanic

In response to why the devbase isn't growing..

a. Actually, It is. Elementary has given real momentum to the community that we're getting really awesome apps from devs. I haven't seen such aura the past.

b. Divergent views. Bird's of different feathers don't flock together.

Consider this: A third of my screen is unusable while using google plus.

Thanks to the super-modular-awesomeness of  eOS I removed the wingpanel and started using Do. I also tried removing Google plus's UI elements but that didn't go well. 

IMO, I think panels should be at the bottom, therefore I customized.
But, How do I feel to contribute to a project when I don't share your views? Rather timid. :S

Btw, what appears to be the new HIG addresses the screen real-estate issue. Thanks for that :)

/cc +Chris Timberlake 

Do we have any DAWs in-the-works or coming to linux sometime soon? I don't want to install Wine to get ACID or Pro tools. 

But seriously, What does persona do in an office suite? #libreoffice
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