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Great day at the footy #anzacday2014  

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Calm before the storm #anzacday2014  
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What will be the deciding factor in our victory over the enemy this weekend? 

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Eddie on the front foot, I like how he's thrown in AFL sanctioned salary cap rorts as "cheating", onya Eddie. +Collingwood Football Club 

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Collingwood family day, sights and..... +Collingwood Football Club Great day out at the spiritual home of the magpies. 
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If anyone is interested in joining a supercoach league using the new "draft" model, let me know in the comments section.
This model lets you build your team via a true draft system and you are guaranteed a unique team. Players can not appear in another coaches team, just like the AFL.

Check out the details at

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Burger night.

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I Read this article not so much for the content, coz we all know how we go about selecting the captain, but to see the inane comments people leave. The question I have is, Why do the moderators let some of these comments through? They add nothing to the debate and just infuriate. for example, this one was let through, seriously, how does this add to the debate?

"Doesn't matter who gets the job they still won't make the final eight."

Now this was in The Age, If it was the Sun, you'd see 30x more comments and most of them would make the one above look like a comment from a  Mensa student. 

Anyway, thoughts on the Captaincy? Is a star player with elite skills the way to go or is the average Joe who's a great communicator and motivator the best candidate?

Does anyone believe that Dale Thomas would leave Collingwood Football Club? I believe we will have more than enough cash to fund a moderate pay rise (from 2014 onwards), but unless he has a Brownlow medal type year, does he deserve a big pay rise?
His last 2 years have been below par and while injuries have hampered him, do we still offer him a big 4/5 year deal based on what he could do or give him 2 years and hope his body and form come good.

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Just want to keep track of this to watch later.
This short sci-fi film was made by a single 22-year old.

...And it's better than half the schlock put out by hollywood.
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