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When the moon dances amidst the clouds,
And teases, playing peekaboo,
And you take it all in,
Watching the fading light from the sunset,
And enjoying the coolness of the evening breeze,
That is when you can find me at ease.

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"David Thomas, professor of Christianity and Islam, ... said it supported the view that the version of the Qur’an in use today had hardly changed from the earliest recorded version, and the Muslim belief that the text represented an exact record of the revelations delivered to the Prophet."

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200 Runs! Awesome!
Hakuba ski resort, Japan

Along this mountain range are nine main ski resorts, with more than 200 runs. About a third of the terrain is considered to be ‘beginner’ level and about a third is ‘advanced’. There are plenty of wide open runs, challenging steep slopes, powdery sections and even some back country areas. From the top, it can take more than an hour to work your way down to the bottom. Restaurants and cafes along the way are perfect places to stop for a rest with a nice hot bowl of ramen.

When I look in the other direction, down the mountain, the Hakuba valley spreads out beneath me. It’s almost as if the whole landscape has been carved out of the earth and designed as the perfect ski destination (nothing would surprise me in Japan). It’s a large flat basin where all the accommodation and other facilities can be collected at the base of the ski runs.

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A friend of mine once remarked that the moon landings had to be faked because back then the Apollo's onboard electronic computer was less powerful than a modern watch.

I think I should tell him to get himself a (classical) Swiss tachymeter watch with a calendar. Even a model predating the lunar landings will do.

It's still got far less (nil) electronic computational power than even a calculator watch (some of you might remember those from the 1990's), but with it you can calculate speeds, distances, add, subtract, multiply, divide, take square roots, use conversion factors, and basically do a whole lot of things that you could not dream about with a pocket calculator, like navigation (guess how the Apollo 13 Astronauts got back home -- while their computer was down).

Of course, this video might do a better job.

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Someone once told a friend:
"Don't be surprised if, one day, you have to decide that your parents can't be a part of your life any more."

Well,... :D

Maybe, he knew:
"Loved ones and friends—sometimes even therapists—who urge reconnecting with a parent often speak as if forgiveness will be a psychic aloe vera, a balm that will heal the wounds of the past. They warn of the guilt that will dog the victim if the perpetrator dies estranged. What these people fail to take into account is the potential psychological cost of reconnecting, of dredging up painful memories and reviving destructive patterns."

“[F]orgiveness is in danger of being debased into a kind of cheap grace, a waiving of standards of justice without which such transactions have no meaning.”
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