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Microservices mishaps: 1 query, multiple DBs
I want to share my experience with the latest trend in software engineering - microservices. In particular, I want to explain a case I recently stumbled upon which made us hate the strategy we've got of splitting the big monolithic application to microservi...

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Old projects reborn - MoneyTimer
This is another tool, I've tried to update in order to withstand the test of time - MoneyTimer What does it do ? It measures time and calculates every second how much time it costed all participants. Great for consultation meetings! You can try out the late...

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Old projects reborn - FileSystem2Html tool
As everyone in the IT business, I have quite a few of my own projects. Most of them rot in solitude and are rather dusty... So, I decided as a way of exercise as well as a check how have technologies developed and my own views on code cleanness, tests' qual...

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Gradle Daemon - boost your build performance
You use Gradle and want to speed up a bit your build time? Nobody wants to wait for compilation, assembly etc. Let's try this easy to setup performance boost: If you enable Gradle Daemons , you can actually reuse the Gradle context that you've just created ...

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Chocolatey - apt-get for windows
As a Windows user, I was quite envious of Linux/OS X tools like apt-get or brew...  But not anymore!  I've just found the Chocolatey tool for Powershell which let's you easily find and install software on your Windows-powered PC. Let's see an example: Searc...

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Traveling back in time
What happens when you go to your parents' house is that you travel back in time... It's strange to see all the playgrounds that once were full with kids and laughter, covered in bushes and trees, so high that makes you understand just how much time has pass...

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I just have to share this... 

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Картала и Ибисата :)

Честита баба Марта! :)

Този, дето е измислил емотиконите, доста е опростил красотата на писмения изказ... и не съм сигурен дали за добро...
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