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Just saw Sunn O))) last night. This guy pretty much explains the experience I had...

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I have friend who was threatened over the internet with rape the other day. I have been trying to compose something extensive and thoughtful and meaningful and just can’t do it. I just keep… fuck it:

To all of you fuckwads propping up the patriarchy: Fuck you. Fuck your rapist friends. Fuck rapists. Fuck people who threaten rape. Fuck people who trivialize rape. Fuck people who condone any of the above. If you are one of the above: you are on the side of the worst that makes up humanity. You are a coward: you have to resort to threats and violence to get your way because deep down inside you know you are fucking wrong. You know the world has passed you by and you desperately want to turn back the clock to a time when you and your ilk were in charge. Well… FUCK. THAT. NOISE. You don’t get to be right anymore just because you can threaten violence. We are way the fuck past that bullshit.

To my friend and to anyone who has been in their shoes or ever ends up in their shoes: I’ve got your back. If there is some way I can support you please tell me. I don’t know what that might look like, but I will do my best. As someone who has been a victim of threats and violence and had no one to support me I won’t let that happen to a friend of mine.

To my friends who I have failed in the past to vocally and publicly support when you fought this patriarchal misogynistic bullshit: I am sorry. I let you down. I will do my damndest to not let it happen again.

I have heard mention here and there of a Gauntlet Slack channel... Is that a public thing? 

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Apparently left turning cars kill or injure more people than right turning cars... 

Hey folks... I backed the kickstarter at the free badge level. Turns out I won't be able to make it due to scheduling issues. I know someone who needs a badge and I'd like to pass mine on to them. How do I make that happen? (I haven't signed up for the badge yet or anything, just pledged on ks.)

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First Game Chef submission ever:

Forgotten Stars - a game about the memories of the saviors of the galaxy...

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These retro-style posters from NASA are amazing! 
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