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The Bazaar by José Andrés
Spanish Restaurant$$$$
Today 5:30 pm – 12:30 am
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465 S La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048
465 South La Cienega BoulevardUSCaliforniaLos Angeles90048
$$$$Spanish Restaurant, European Restaurant
Spanish Restaurant
European Restaurant
Cocktail Bar
Today 5:30 pm – 12:30 am
Monday 5:30 pm – 12:30 amTuesday 5:30 pm – 12:30 amWednesday 5:30 pm – 12:30 amThursday 5:30 pm – 12:30 amFriday 5:30 pm – 1:30 amSaturday 5:30 pm – 1:30 amSunday 5:30 pm – 12:30 am
The Bazaar by Jos_ Andr_s at the SLS Hotel offers guests a vibrant mix of sophisticated cuisine and playful lounge spaces where dining transcends into f‰Û¢ÌÛ_te extraordinaire.
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Celebrated hotel bar/restaurant serving Spanish-inspired tapas in an ornate, sprawling setting.- Google
"I recommend the cheesesteak, the japanese tacos, and the wagyu beef cheeks."
"Foie gras cotton candy; modernist shrimp cocktail, so many great things."
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Fabien Curto Millet's profile photo
Fabien Curto Millet
in the last week
Really liked this place - fun and vibrant. The tapas served here are very inventive. The Philly cheesesteak is not to be missed, and the tortilla (served in a glass yoghurt pot) is also super tasty. Not every tapa was at this level, but everything was good. The drinks were also great - I had their version of the caipirinha, which was very theatrical. Good place for a fun night out.
Dani S's profile photo
Dani S
5 months ago
Easily one of the best meals in my life! Came here for dinner one night for restaurant week and ordered a whole bunch of tapas to share. I absolutely love the creations of Jose Andres so it's nice to finally make it here. Food was absolutely amazing in both taste and presentation! Love the cotton candy wrapped foie gras, so interesting. Service was good, nice ambience. Valet parking only $14.
John Houser's profile photo
John Houser
6 months ago
I remember when they had cotton candy foie gras. Delicious! But with the ban overturned it's making a comeback. Another great dish is the air bread philly cheese steak. The decor is eclectic but fun.
Anthony Baroud
7 months ago
Restaurant is very well decorated with alot of detail, shows great work was put into it. Honestly wasn't impressed with the food, wagyu beef is suppose to be exciting and at other high end restaurants it's always been. Service was good in terms of the waiters but the food lapses were big. You shouldn't wait 5 minutes for each plate especially for small tapas. Drinks were special and good according to my group.
Justin Redus
4 months ago
The Emperor's new clothes? Although it may have been my fault for coming hungry. We tried all of the server's suggestions but were unable to find anything I would recommend to a friend. Imagine a place where you can drink a 12 k bottle wine with the main course of a gummy bear, infused with gastro molecular mojo, a rotten egg and truffle oil and you won't be far off. My cab driver the next day confirmed that was inline with the normal feedback he has received and recommended Mastro for fancy+good food in the area.
• • •
Stephanie Han's profile photo
Stephanie Han
6 months ago
I'd been here for dinner once like three years ago (can't believe I never wrote a review), and at the time I would've given them 3 stars--what I got didn't really seem to justify the price. The food was delicious, don't get me wrong, but it was also exorbitantly priced and tiny! And don't get me started on their ludicrous $14 valet parking fee, grrrrr (still there). Well, I suppose those are typical complaints about high-end restaurants, and it's because they're true. While it was an interesting experience (I did love the eclectic arty atmosphere and did receive good service), I didn't think I'd find myself going back. Well my friends invited me to join them for a Dine LA dinner, and when I heard $50 and looked over the menu, I thought it might be worth going back and I'm so glad I did! There were six of us and it turned out to be great for ordering and sampling a lot of the different dishes off the menu. For Dine LA, each of us could order 1 "appetizer" (I got the Philly Cheesesteak), and 3 items from the "entree" list (scallops, jamon, and beef cheeks), and 1 item from the dessert list (since there were 3 items we got 2 of each (flan, chocolate mousse, and sorbets). Everything tasted AWESOME (except for the mussels--that's one of those items they serve from the can and it just didn't do it for us), and the portions didn't seem as tiny as I remembered. I'm not sure if they'd actually made the portions bigger or if I just had low expectations, but we were all surprised that the portions seemed pretty substantial, especially the jamon with toasted bread--we were all "Whoa," literally. Our waiter was cool and he definitely knew how to upsell. He mentioned some special items from the regular we might want to try, so I ended up adding an order of uni buns ($13) and the DineLA wine flight ($20 for 4 wines--all good) and my friends added: cotton candy foie gras ($8) and grilled octopus ($18). It was totally worth it, those uni buns were my favorite items of the night, and the grilled octopus served atop a sauteed onion/garlic butter sauce was outstanding. After we finished these items, we were led to the "dessert area" for our final course. Everything was delectable, but I think the overall favorite was the chocolate mousse--very rich and chocolatey. The flan was good too but I didn't care all that much for its too-soft texture or orange flavor in the sauce. The sorbets were just really good fruit sorbets in mango, strawberry and raspberry. After all that, we were actually pretty full (just full, not stuffed, mind you)! Overall the service was excellent and we had a great time. My wallet was a lot lighter at the end of the night, but I thought it was well worth it. If they participate in Dine LA again I'll be back!
• • •
Kim L's profile photo
Kim L
7 months ago
DineLA Week July 2013: Prefix Menu $45 +Tax & Tip Some Little Starter: American Sturgeon Caviar Cone: 5 stars One of the Best caviar that I have ever tasted; it was so yummy. It just melted in my mouth like butter of the sea. =) Dungeness Crab: 3.5 stars Very cute presentation; in an anchovies can but the crab turned out to a bit on the salty side. The cucumbers lightened the taste up & gave it a good texture; but portion was a bit on the small side. Sea Scallops w/ Romesco Sauce: 4.5 stars Very nicely seared & it had a very marina like sauce on the plate. On top was sprinkled with crushed peanut. Sauteed Shrimp: 5 stars Perfectly sauteed & had a mild spicy kick to it; plus a Nice simmery garlic & lemony side taste to it. Shrimp was very tender & not over cooked like @other places Patissere Dessert: 5 stars Pan Con Chocolate: Chocolate mousse just perfect amount of smoothness & ice cream was just delicious. If you like chocolate then you will love this =) Ice Cream & Sorbets (Mango, Raspberry, Lemon): 2 Stars Mango: the best out of the 3 but the fruit intensity here was very underwhelming. Raspberry: Just Ok...not very berry/ fruity tasting at all. Lemon: Very light hint of lemon, other than that it tasted like fluff The Patisserie Menu (NOT on DineLA menu): Pecan Pie Cookie: 5 stars Very tasty you can really taste the Pecan throughout the cookie; very yummy =) Blueberry muffin: 1.5 stars Soft & nice but not as good as the pecan cookie. Food: A Service: A+ (always had people checking up on us & they moved us to another area of the restaurant after dinner for dessert part of the menu; a very nice touch) Decor: A (great decor; very warm & classy feel to the place) Atmosphere: A Overall: I believe this is one of the Best & most worth it restaurants to go try the DineLA menu. They do not skimp on portions / service here. =) I left feeling full & satisfied; had a great evening with great food & great company =) TIP: If you don't feel like paying for the crazy $12 Valet fee here @SLS hotel then there's surrounding street parking/ metered parking close by. ;)
• • •
Shanon Yu's profile photo
Shanon Yu
8 months ago
If you aren't an artsy fartsy person and you are coming here on an empty stomach and want a decent amount of grub then head to your nearest AYCE Korean BBQ because you will hate this place. I'm not going to lie, when you watch commercials/movies that make fun of the tiny portion sizes of high end restaurants "the Bazaar" comes to mind immediately. You come to this place strictly for the presentation of the food and the unique experience. I've heard many people rave about the Bazaar and it's been on my list of must try restaurants for DineLA for awhile now. Luckily, my birthday coincides with DineLA week and my bf took me here for a post bday celebration. Our reservation was at 8:30pm although we waited until 9pm to get seated in the main dining area. After we got seated we were handed the food menu and a drink menu but no DineLA menu. I asked one of the waiters about it but he seemed to be rushed and kind of brushed us off. We proceeded to wait another 20 minutes until I was able to flag down another waitress to get us the DineLA menu. After looking over the menu, my bf and I decided to order different items to share. We each picked one appetizer and three tapas, and a dessert. Of our choices we had the caviar cone, Philly Cheesesteak with Wagyu beef, Japanese tacos, seared scallops, mussels, wild mushroom rice, chocolate pudding, and traditional flan. For some reason, my bf had 3/4 dishes delivered to our table while I only had my appetizer. He was pretty much finished with his whole meal while I patiently waited for my food to arrive. At one point I became really frustrated so he started sharing his food with me which really wasn't much. I had to flag down our waiter to see why there was such a hold up with my food. He apologized profusely and gave us an additional order of the caviar cone and Philly Cheesesteak to make up for the wait. After dinner they led us into the art gallery area where we had our desserts. We also ordered the Cotton Candy mojito and Smoke on the Water to pair with the sweets. The drinks were expensive but I was amused as how they looked like science experiments to me. By the end of our meal we had spent about three hours in the restaurant. It was by far the longest dining experience I've ever had. Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance and the unique presentation of the food. Although, the long wait had really killed the experience for me. The longer I waited the hungrier and angrier I got and my bf even joked at one point that we would probably need to make a stop by McDs afterwards since we arrived starving and left only somewhat full.
• • •