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Donald G Lagasse
Meet on the Level & Part on the Square! ---> You take care of your business & I'll take care of its technology!
Meet on the Level & Part on the Square! ---> You take care of your business & I'll take care of its technology!

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20 Online And App Resources To Help You Boost And Improve Productivity #umanoapp. Some very good apps in this list. P.s if your not using Umano you are missing a great apps that will cater to you information gathering needs without always having to be reading. Make yourself a playlist, shut your eyes and learn something!

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Good-bye to handheld smart phones! Use your arm to make calls, watch videos, check email, text message, run applications, read books. Is it science fiction, are we talking way into the future? NOPE! Just a few weeks the first consumer prototypes hit the streets. Read the whole article and be amazed. How much? $500 bucks! I would love to hear what you think and would you buy one? #mobile #cool #iwantone

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If you agree with this message, Please reply with one of the following sayings that is closest to your generation:
1) "The war to end all wars!"
2)"Lose lips sink ships! "
3)"I like Ike!"
5)"Catch you on the flip side"
6)"Where's the beef!"

If you recognize all of them, and can identify their decade, God bless you, you have seen a lot of things before the computer. Is the world better or worse since the computer was invented? Would love to see everyone's opinion! Add your reply now! #humor, #opinion, #generations, #history, #computers,

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The world can be a better place if everyone would live by the code.  I support this project and encourage young people everywhere to learn to code. You can make a better life for yourself and maybe even with a real effort, help your local and the global community. Your opportunity is now! You can make a difference if you surround yourself with people who feel the same way!

In your spare time, do you want to learn the code the made the United States the envy of the free world?  Read, live and and share the U. S. Constitution as it was coded by the founding fathers! #freedom   #usconstitution   #code   #opportunity    

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This application rocks!  I can't say enough on what it can do to easily share information to other people or your other personal devices in a snap!  Monitoring texts from your phone and replying to them from your desktop without touching your phone is VERY helpful. Leave your phone at home/office by mistake? Sign into Chrome from anywhere you are and check your text messages. WOW! Sending maps and links or files on the fly from anywhere you have access to, then pass to another tablet, phone, PC or person is outstanding!  These guys and gals at Pushbullet have their thinking caps on!  GREAT JOB!  Try this app today, install on your phone, then follow on screen instructions to add it to your PC and have fun and more importantly, be more productive. Great for teams, families and even husband and wives.  Try it, you'll understand why the minute you send a Pushbullet and it shows up everywhere someone may be looking next!  Too Cool!  5 stars and an extra piece of pie for the developers. #mobile   #mobileapps   #productivity   #code  

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What I woke to this morning! The world is still a beautiful place. Thanks to the creator this Thanksgiving for all what he has provided.

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Perfect representation of those days when you don't know if your coming, or going!

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How do you like my costume? I'm green because ate too much pizza again!
It's Halloween on the East Coast!
Time to gobble those goodies

#halloween2014   #ghostbusters  
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Dave, looking more like Dennis Conner every day.  Are you practicing for the America's Cup in this picture?  P.S. I know where you can get an extra Compass, and it comes with a square too!  ;-) #sailing   #lookinggood   #atlanticocean  

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Bring a good man to open house!
Massachusetts Freemasons Open House this Saturday, Oct 18th, 2014. Visit any Lodge near you between 9AM-3PM.  Come learn about the world's largest fraternity, their remarkable history and the good works they do.  It's fun to be with and work alongside men o...
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