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Helen Green
Over 50 and loving it!
Over 50 and loving it!


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Recycled Tube Christmas Tree
I actually got round to making a recycled tube Christmas Tree! I'll post step by step instructions on how to make it later this week.

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Today I'm Loving - Fabric Pine Cones
These fabric pine cones are so cute! They look relatively easy to make, maybe just a little time consuming but the end result will be well worth the effort. They may not be a 'new' idea but they're are still wort a mention! Image: Quotes - LOL - ROFL

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Today I'm Loving – Cute Knitted Christmas Bauble
love this little knitted Christmas tree bauble; with a distinctive
nod towards Nordic style festive decorating it doesn't look too
complicated to make. You'll find the pattern here .

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Today I'm Loving - Luminaires
It's cold, damp and a few watery snowflakes barely settled on the ground...brrrrr. However, I'm loving these luminaries - perfect for lighting your path on a crisp cold, snowy evening. If only the snow stayed as magical as this!

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Have a Happy Non-Commercial Christmas Tree
don't know about you but I love Christmas, I just don't like the
commercialism of it all. Bring back hand-crafted gifts, decorations
and festive food to bring back a more traditional style that for me
is far much more fun! Let's
start with trees – in my b...

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2015 Spring & Summer Colour Trends
year we see new and exciting colours being highlighted as the ones
that will be on-trend, giving us time to keep up with the times, so
to speak, and have our homes looking their pristine best; this year
is no exception, with predictions being made to ...

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Today I'm Loving - Knitted Baskets
I love these knitted baskets! They hit all the rights notes in terms of the latest trends, recycling (possible if you have lots of odd balls of chunky wool), texture - that goes without saying and of course colour as you can make them any colour you wish. T...

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Quote of The Week

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Pretty in Pink
wasn't that long ago when pink was deemed a colour only to be used in
girl's rooms; thankfully those days are now diminishing and you'll
find all shades of pink to suit virtually any style of home and
decorating motif. Image:
alamai Go
for raspberry pink...

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Recycled & Up-cycling - Tyres
no doubt that you've seen lots of tyres recycled in various ways,
coffee tables, planters, chairs etc. But I have to admit that this is
the first time I've seen them recycled into hand-basin holders; and I
like what I'm seeing, especially the pretty bl...
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