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John Abbott
Cartoonist, Animator, Explorer, Pokemon Trainer
Cartoonist, Animator, Explorer, Pokemon Trainer


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I forgot to link this weeks comic! Courtesy of +Greg Mercer and "your's truly".

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Hey this is the 1st time I've gotten a chance to post the newest page of +Greg Mercer 's and my webcomic, "Cash On Planet Infinity!!" on this here Google+. As always we would love feedback and comments. Enjoy!

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The newest Tintin trailer. I was pretty turned off by the first few glimpses we got at this treatment of the comic, but this new trailer looks better. What I'm most curious about is that Spielberg admits, unlike James Cameron would with Avatar, that this IS a form of animation. It would be pretty cool to see a movie like this shake things up and stand along Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks in the Animated Film category.

I may be scrapping my plans to build a "hackintosh" and instead buy directly from Apple. Leaning towards a giant Mac Pro tower computer, but the new iMacs seem pretty nice as well.

I am a fool for not realizing that my Cintiq pen would not work with my Intuos tablet.

Uh. Here I am. This is neat. I like you Google+
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